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David Sebringsil has written a New Book titled "Understanding Male Sexuality", 222 pp. 6 x 9 on This book is basically all new amd much longer than the older "Understanding Male Sexuality" paper available free from the links below. If you enjoy my free papers below you will likely also want to have a copy of the new book. You can go here to order the book Createspace link for ordering the NEW Understanding Male Sexuality

Or, now on Amazon's Web site: Order The NEW Understanding Male Sexuality Book by David Sebringsil on .

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You can also see a pdf of the table of contents and preface at This location

Take particular note of all the new chapters and chapter subheadings.I had fun writing this and I think you will have a lot of fun reading it too. I have written some stuff that has not ever been written down elesewhere, I think.

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Free Papers Dealing With Male Sexuality and Related Issues

The articles below are all free and intended to be informational and are written for those over 18. There are no photos, only text.

This is my most famous paper, a long and detailed essay dealing with dealing an array of different topics dealing with male sexuality. Go to the old free paper Understanding Male Sexuality

This is my Paper December 2006 on Sex and Sexuality. This paper traces the history of sex and sexuality in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Be prepared for some eye-openers. Sex and Sexuality in the 21st Century: How and Why We Got there

"Me, We and Sex" Me, We and Sex

Are you Straight or Gay? Take this simple test Are you straight or gay?

Male Plumbing 101, my 2006 paper. Male Plumbing 101

Why (Most) Men (in the US) Don't (Won't) Wear Speedos The Speedo Wear Controversy

Review of the Club Swim Euro Swim brief. If this look, fit and feel "right" for you? The Club Swim "Euro Brief

David Sebringsil reviews seven different brands of thongs as to their potential for daily wear and for nighttime (recreational) wear and ranks each on a five-point scale. Male Thong Underwear Reviews

David Sebringsil reviews condom brands from the perspective of developing ejaculatory control and for recreational solo sex. A new theory of ejaculatory control is proposed here as well. Condom Review

David Sebringsil discusses whether to "Pouch or not to Pouch" To Pouch or Not to Pouch

See what David Sebringsil wrote that got deleted from the Wikipedia article on "male sexuality". Go to Images of Male Sexuality Over the Decades

Go to Male Sexuality Questions Answered

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Robert Lovering's paper "Sex and Human Life" Go to Sex and Human Life

Fun with Male Sexuality--these articles are great reading and are highly recommended

Go to Other Articles Articles here include The Thonging Primer

A Learner's Guide to Touching

Spending the Night in a Cup

More Fun with Straps and Thongs

and Still More Fun with Jock Straps

Go to Answers to Common Questions from Male Sexuality email Answered

"Stationary Rowing and Diet" Go to Stationary Rowing and Diet

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