Condom Review


This article reviews various brands of Condoms, and it will get longer as new condoms are reviewed, so check back regularly.


Unlike other condom reviews, the focus here is on the usefulness of various brands of condoms for solo-sex, that is, for solo recreational use by guys without partners. This information may also prove valuable for guys contemplating or in relationships who want to improve their ejaculatory control in sex with a partner, but the primary emphasis here is on getting the most from solo sex. IF the approaches suggested here work fo solo sex, they will likely work for partner sex as well.


A reoccurring theme appearing in all my writings on male sexuality is that the longer a guy is able to maintain an erection and the longer he can maintain a situation where he is at the very edge of orgasm but not ejaculating, the more exciting the experience will be.  This theme reappears over and over in my writings dealing with thronging and in using athletic supporters with cups to delay orgasm while erect for a lengthy period of time, perhaps an hour or longer. Simply put, the longer the delay the more fun the orgasm will be. The key in delaying orgasm is to be able to successfully “read” the signals that you are near ejaculation so that you can go right to the edge of ejaculation, but successfully be able to back without ejaculating. In doing this, the psychosexual pressure to ejaculate keeps getting stronger and stronger, but the self-control is essential for the best experience.


In other writings, I have compared this to either riding the very edge of a wave while surfing, being as near as possible to being upset but not quite. Another comparison has been a race car driver who discovers that the fastest way around the racetrack is to go as near as possible to the wall, without hitting it. A good race car driver might have enough control to be able to go only an inch or two from the wall around corners, and yet consistently not hit it.


Here is another way to think about the entire process. Think about moving from initial sexual arousal to erection to orgasm as akin to climbing a tall mountain. Many guys see going from initial arousal through erections to orgasm as a more-or less continuous process, similar to the mountain in figure A, below. The climb to the top of the mountain, orgasm, is more or less continuous, and the time involved in the climb from the bottom to the top is not very long, perhaps as little as five up to 10 minutes. Orgasm occurs, and is ok but not spectacular blow you away fun. This is typical of a guy who has not developed good ejaculatory control. Everything work, but the entire experience is at about a “C+” not “A” level.


The second mountain, figure B below, represents a man who has developed good ejaculatory control. The mountain is obviously taller, and the climb takes considerably longer, at least 20 minutes total but usually a minimum of 30 minutes, and often 45 minutes or even longer. The mountain is, of course, much taller. However, unlike in the first example the climb is not continuous. Along the route are various stopping-off points or “scenic overlooks” , where the guy can stop for as long as he wants to look around enjoy the view (experience). These scenic overlook “rest” breaks are important because they are not only enjoyable experiences in their own right, they help prepare the guy for the next phase of the climb. Following this approach, it is possible for a guy to build a much stronger and more enjoyable erection as the climb proceeds in comparison to the guy who tries to complete the climb to orgasm without taking any breaks. The view from each successive scenic overlook is even more spectacular than at the prior one below. The erection finishes much harder at orgasm than in Figure A. Most importantly, the orgasm is much stronger than in the orgasm depicted by Figure A is a blow-you-away solid “A” or even “A+” orgasm.

This use for condoms as an aid in solo sex has not frequently been explored by other authors and reviewers, who tend to concentrate on the comparative suitability of various brands of condoms for partner sex. Nor has the suitability of a particular condom for providing help in delaying orgasm been fully explored. Particularly, in the case of solo sex, it is more important if the condom fit snuggly than be ultra-thin and sensitive. Further, the best condoms are the ones where the ring is strong enough and tight enough to fit like a c-ring. This makes it easier to get but particularly maintain an erection.


Lifestyles Classic Studded   ☆☆☆ rated three stars


This is a good general purpose condom for solo sex. The ring fits solidly but not too tight. The studs are very tiny, of little consequence and do little to increase the solo-sex experience, a good choice, but there are better for solo sex.


Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive   ☆☆   rated two stars


These are not a good choice for solo sex. There are two problems here. The material is so thin that it does not grip tightly enough. The ring does not grip tight enough to provide the necessary feel.


Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit ☆☆☆☆☆ rated five stars


These condoms are terrific for solo sex. First, the fit considerably snugger than for a standard-sized condom. Because of this, they are a little more difficult to put on. Try putting these on when you are not quite as erect as you would be for a standard-sized condom. They are “worth” the extra effort. Second, the ring is quite strong and fits very snuggly, like a c-ring. This helps both get and sustain an erection for a long period of time—perhaps 25-40 minutes. A really tight ring like these have adds a lot to the overall enjoyment of the condom in recreational solo sex. In short, these are a wise choice for recreational solo sex, and you can’t go wrong. Plus, they are inexpensive. Every guy ought to keep some of these on hand for lots of fun late at night.


--© 2006 David Sebringsil