How Can You Determine if You are Straight or Gay?


Take This Test!!


Many guys are uncertain and agonize over the whole issue of whether they are straight or gay. I have devised a simple test to shed light on the entire issue. The situation I set up is hypothetical, but your answers should tell you a lot about whether you are indeed straight or gay.


Suppose there are two separate rooms with doors---we will call the doors door A and door B. Further suppose that you are going to get a chance to be an observer behind one of the two doors, but you must choose to go behind only one of the two doors. You are going to get an opportunity to observe in great detail what is going on behind one of the two doors, but only observe.


Behind door A is a hunky guy in  a tiny, tight-fitting pair of swimming briefs (aka “Speedos”). The guy is good-looking, has a well-built chest, tight “six pack” abs (aka abdominal muscles), and a muscular well-built butt. Your opportunity is to get a chance to watch this guy get off (masturbate from the start of erection to ejaculation) and observe in detail what is happening to him as to his body as this happens.


Behind door B is a really pretty young woman. She is wearing slinky and very sexy lingerie that must have come from the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. She is trim and athletic looking but not overly muscular, with great breasts, and a really nice looking butt. It is clear that this woman works out and has devoted considerable effort to looking great. If you choose door B your opportunity is to see this woman masturbate by playing with herself, (perhaps using a dildo-shaped vibrator as well as her fingers) until she reaches an orgasm. By choosing door B, you get to observe everything with respect to what is happening to her and her body as she does this.



1.               If you were only able to choose one of the two doors to go behind, which would you choose? Your choice determines if you are predominately gay or straight.

2.               Are you in any way curious about what you might have seen had you picked the other door? Your degree of curiosity about what is going on behind the door you did not choose tells a lot about the degree or extent to which you are straight or gay.

3.               Are you equally excited by the possibility of going behind either door? If so, you can probably classify yourself as a “true” bisexual. If you do have somewhat of a preference for one door over the other, while still being enthusiastic about a possibility of visiting both rooms, you could be classified as bisexual with a preference for one sex over the other. I have long noted that sexual orientation is not an all or nothing, one or the other, situation for many if not most people. And to that extent, many persons can have choices to make and options in terms of how they live their lives from the standpoint of partners. However, some people are strongly straight or gay, and frequently these people tend to believe that this is somehow how it is, or should be for everyone. Reality for sexual orientation is messier, and less well-defined than that, for a lot of people, at least.


4.               Suppose you say that you are not interested in going behind either door. Then, one of the following. A. you are brain-dead, and you should next be checking for a pulse and heartbeat. Call an ambulance! B. You have somehow reached adulthood be repressing your sexuality whatever it might be. I suppose that a third possibility is that you have a medical problem such as low testosterone levels, but in any case, your next step should be to see a medical doctor in an effort to isolate the problem. It is not normal for any human being to be that disinterested in observing a sexy situation, irrespective of sexual orientation.


I am interested in hearing from those who have “taken” this hypothetical “test” to determine whether or not it was helpful to you and in understanding yourself.


David Sebringsil