A Collection of Short Stories

The Thonging Primer

by David Sebringsil

If you enjoy the maddenly delicious feelings that occur when you would like to ejaculate but cannot, and would like to learn how to prolong this state for a period of more than a few minutes, perhaps even hours or days then you are a logical candidate for learning thonging.

The goal of thonging is to maintain a high degree of sexual arousal for a long period of time without ever being to the point where ejaculation is inevitable. The thonging techniques I describe are in some ways similar to those found in books that teach specific exercises that to delay ejaculation, but more is involved. See, for example the techniques outlined in Bernie Zibergeld's excellent book The New Male Sexuality.

What you are going to attempt to do is similar to a surfer who attempts to ride the highest waves for the longest period of time without taking a spill (no pun intended) or a race car driver who attempts to increase speed around the track by going as close as possible but never hitting the wall.

Think of a thong as simply a device that helps apply pressure at certain points that you will later want to massage, while diverting your attention from elsewhere (the penis!).


1. Purchase a thong. If you have not worn a thong before you may become slightly aroused at the thought of underwear that part of which will be tightly between your buttocks.

Undergear has a wide selection. If in doubt, choose the smaller size, as a smaller thong will make it easier for you to locate the specific pressure points. Look for the cotton/lycra blends which tend to "fit" better and apply more pressure.

2. Allocate a minimum of 2-3 hours for your first experiment, which should consist of putting on the thong and locating the pressure point just behind the scrotum. It is likely that if you have not worn a thong before, you may find this somewhat arousing. That is part of the fun. Read the discussion in Men's Health (Nov., 1995) pg 95 for the discussion on the "perineum area and exactly what is being stimulated when pressure is applied at this point. The sensitivity of this area is such that it is sometimes also referred to as the "second" male "G" spot. (The first is the frenulum on the underside of the head of the penis.)

You will quickly be able to determine this if you start staining the thong with ooze. Ooze, sometimes called "precum," is produced by the cowpers gland. It is not semen, but a lubricant that also reduces the acidity of the vagina. 3. Ooze production is a "clear" signal as to how aroused you are. Just because you begin to produce ooze does not mean that you will automatically proceed to ejaculation. With practice, while thonging, you can learn to produce ooze for hours at a time. The slight pressure of the thong keeps the ooze flowing for many people.

4. Ooze production ceases if you either become too aroused, heading toward ejaculation or you start loosing your erection. You can quickly determine by looking at the stains being produced whether you are becoming too aroused. If the stains turn cloudy you are producing semen, and you have gone too far. If so, keep the thong on but stop and let things cool down a bit. You may be able to recover and keep going without ejaculating.

5. Massage the area directly behind the scrotum where the cord is attached to the thong. Proceed backward along each side of the cord touching the hairs in the area and savoring the sweet sensations of which a wide variety are available here. Push upward to feel the rear of your penis inside of your body, but do not touch your external penis. Savor the sweet, exciting, but increasingly frustrating "I need to ejaculate" sensations. Don't touch your penis and you will be able to keep going without ejaculating.

Continue to make certain that you are still producing ooze. You can also massage your balls by tapping on them rapidly with your fingers or gently squeezing them If you are becoming too aroused and nearing ejaculation, not only will ooze production suddenly stop but you balls will seem to become smaller and start to move toward your groin. If you sense this is starting to happen, stop massaging and wait a bit until you cool down and are once again feel that you can delay orgasm.


Gradually and with practice you will learn how to remain in a state of very high arousal but without ejaculation for a long period of time (like hours). Each time you practice, try to get closer and closer to the edge for a longer and longer period of time without ejaculating. Each brand of thong has a slightly different feeling and pressure level. Experiment with different brands and sizes.

Once you have accomplished, you will want to have on hand several different brands and sizes of thongs depending on how much pressure you want. Your desire for pressure from the thong will vary hour to hour and day to day

Once you've concluded these sessions to a length satisfactory to you feel free to masturbate to ejaculation using whatever technique and lubricant appeals to you. You will discover that you will have some of the best and most powerful ejaculations ever.


You are playing with basic natural instincts here. Since procreation is a basic part of nature, nature provided that people go quickly into an arousal state similar to this when you first meet a person you are strongly attracted to. Love at first sight may be synonymous with ooze production. The cowpers gland responsible for the ooze production appears to be hard wired to the brain, which responds to signals by producing endorphins (natural drugs similar in effect to cocaine I am told) that induce a state of euphoria (well being).

You are producing a similar effect here with the pressure on the perineum area from the tight-fitting thong. That's why the arousal stage when you produce ooze is at once so pleasant and yet so frustrating. Obviously the human race would quickly die out if no one ever moved forward eventually to ejaculation.)


Unlike other forms of sexual activity, this one is very low cost ($7 for a decent thong) and absolutely safe. There are no known cases of HIV transmission or other STD from thong to human. Moreover, it can be done in private and without worrying about someone elses needs. I am not aware of any side effects other than a tendency to feel a bit on edge if you keep at it long enough--like drinking a few too many cups of coffee. I suspect this is a side effect of the endorphins or other brain chemicals that produce the pleasant feelings.

Males may not have multiple orgasms, but we still may have gotten the better end of the deal. Sex organs seem to work better than ever with this kind of "exercise." I have not encountered a limit on how much ooze the cowpers can produce.

May you ooze for a long time every day and be able to savor all the sweet, delicate, and frustrating but exiting sensations your body is capable of offering. Happy thonging!

Drop me a Note and let me know if these techniques work for you.

© 2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com

A Learner's Guide to Touching

By David Sebringsil


As a famous woodworker on public television says "First a word about shop safety. There is no better rule than to always wear your safety glasses." Thongman says first rule of "fun sex" is "safe sex." By definition, any activity that endangers the physical or emotional health of you or your partner is not fun sex. The activities I suggest are fun sex in part because they will do no harm to you, and, hopefully, no harm to your partner. They are, by definition, safe sex. A hobby whereby you do not need to remodel the basement. I like that. They can be pursued at home, in your spare time, and without a lot of expense. I like that too. For those of you who somehow believe that you can't have fun without endangering yourself or others, quit reading right here. For the rest of you, read on. Enjoy. Have fun, but keep in mind the Thongman philosophy.


Touching is fun. A lot of fun! The so-called sex experts divide touching into two categories--sexual touching, that is, touching that stimulates the arousal mechanism, and non-sexual touching, touching that does not result in arousal. It's not that simple. The brain interprets the sensations from the skin. Any touch can be sexual--or non-sexual--depending on how the brain decodes the circumstances and signals. The brain may be the largest sex organ in terms of size, but the skin is the largest sex organ in terms of surface area.

Many men do not realize this. They think that sexual touching is largely confined to the genitals, and perhaps a few other places on the body. Places like the lips, the breasts and the like. Nothing can be further from the truth. For most men, the entire groin area is an erogenous zone. Some of the sensations from touching may be less intense than, say touching the head of an erect penis, but no less interesting and enjoyable.

Sexual touching results in arousal. Non-sexual touching does not. The slang term is turn-on. A touch may be a turn-on for one person but not another. The brain interprets the signals as it sees fit.

The arousal mechanism is interesting--one of most fascinating parts of nature's engineering. My e-mail friends in medicine use the medical term "limbic system" to describe the mechanism that links the brain and the sex organs and associated glands. We might like to believe that the arousal mechanism is under our conscious control--that is--we can determine the circumstances under which we will or will not be aroused. Nature doesn't see it that way. Our brain tells us when we are aroused. Not the other way around. We can no more will our arousal systems to go into action or not than we can, say, will our eye color to change from blue to brown. It can't be done. At the same time, we can continue to discover new and different ways by which we can be aroused. This discovery process can (and should) last a lifetime.

We are all different. Each of us is unique in terms of what turns on the arousal mechanism. Yet, we are all the same. We should celebrate our uniqueness and yet at the same time appreciate the complex sexual mechanisms that make us human.

Arousal and erection are separate, but ultimately related. Arousal can happen very rapidly, usually in response to visual and/or tactile stimuli. Erection usually takes much longer and involves a different response. Nature, seeking a system that maximized the opportunities for continuing the species, designed it this way.

How do you know when you are aroused? One of the first indications is that a glistening drop of ooze, or precum, appears on the tip of the penis. This frequently happens even when the penis is not erect, as a result of initial arousal signals.

Many men appear to believe that precum is simply semen dripping. This is not true. Precum is largely produced by a small gland called the cowpers. The cowpers is hard-wired to the brain, sort of like an early- warning system. This system announces to you (you don't tell it) that something sexually interesting has occurred.

There are psychological effects as well. The "good feelings" associated with arousal are largely a result of the fact that concomitantly with start of the oozing, the brain is being flooded with endorphins--natural chemicals similar in action to cocaine but (of course) not harmful. Your conscious brain responds (you respond) by attempting to get whatever arousal signal is being sent to continue--visual, tactile or whatever. What the signal might be could be very, very personal. This is the mechanism associated with "love at first sight." After all, all those endorphins "feel" really great and you want those good feelings to continue. Clearly, the arousal signals that work for you may not work for me, and vice versa. Potentially, with respect to signals, we are all different in this regard, but we all get the same good feeling when aroused.

In our society, it's socially acceptable for a male to be turned on by the visual signals being sent by a female. It's ok to admit this to our male friends. But everyone is different. If we are not particularly turned on by the visual signals from a female we dare not admit this to our friends for fear of being ostracized. Not all of us are necessarily turned on by visual signals, and type and extent to which these visual signals result in arousal varies dramatically from one individual to another. The arousal signals for gays are only trivially different from those for heterosexual males. The Enlightened know that sexual orientation is far more complex than simply being gay or straight. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of different orientation categories, depending on the precise signals that send the arousal mechanism into action. Each of us is unique. We must recognize this. Yet, we are all human beings.

Some people are more turned on by tactile than visual signals. I number myself among them. I am "straight" but simply am not much into the visual thing. My friends claim I "miss" noticing pretty girls. They are probably right. For me, I just don't find visual stimuli very arousing. At least most of the time. But words describing sexual sensations and acts are arousing for me. When reading Penthouse, I skip over the pictures and head straight for the (arousal) stories!

All of this does not mean that I am disinterested in sex. Quite the opposite. A sex expert might categorize me as a "touchy-feely." I am particularly turned on by touch. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought that this was really uncommon. I'm now convinced I'm quite "normal". Most men greatly enjoy touch. It's just that they don't frequently admit this to their friends. I wonder if men communicate this to their partners. In many instances, I doubt it.

Exploring Tactile Sensations: Getting in Touch with the Sensation Your Body Can Produce

Most men very much enjoy stroking their penis, particularly the underside of the head called the frenulum. It's so much fun that men sometimes fail to appreciate that there are many other areas of the body that respond to touch as well. As a child, we perhaps learned that there are some parts of the body that should not be touched, as if touching these parts was going to result in some sort of physical harm. As adults, we should know better, but we sometimes forget. Nature didn't design us with untouchable external parts. The part's that shouldn't be touched are on the inside and cannot be touched. The parts on the outside all can--and should--be touched (with the possible exception of the eyes).

Arousal Versus Erection

Most men likely equate masturbation with touching the penis so that it becomes erect. Masturbation and erection--not masturbation and arousal- -become synonymous. It's no particular trick to set the erection mechanism into action by stroking the penis. The arousal process is far more subtle, but at least as interesting. Touch can be used to stimulate the arousal mechanism. The approach is different from that used to stimulate the erection mechanism. More subtle. Less intense. Longer lasting. I think, ultimately more fun. Not only that, the arousal sensations vary from hour to hour, from minute to minute, and even, from moment to moment.

Getting Started

Allocate a period of time when your mind is not distracted with other activities, worries or concerns. A couple of favorite times for me are right after retiring at night, and the period of time between, say, 4:30 and 6:30 AM. I live alone. If you have a partner, you might allocate some time when you are on a boring business trip, or when your partner is away. The important thing is to find a period of time when you can concentrate on the sensations your body is producing and not be distracted. Bedtime is great. The sensations are magnified at night.

At this point you are probably saying "this is dumb." Why am I reading this? Now the advice gets even stranger. Start touching. You may touch any part of your body EXCEPT for your penis. How weird. What's going on? Where do you start? A game you are playing with yourself with only one dumb rule. Don't touch your penis. Start anywhere you would like. Upon touching a body part, examine the sensation? Is it pleasant? Most touches are. Do you find it interesting or rather boring? Take note. Once you have examined the sensation at a particular point, move on to another body part.

Concentrating on The Groin

If you are at all like me, you may soon discover that many of the interesting sensations occur in the general area of the groin, from below your belly button to the upper part of your legs. I wonder why! Now start to limit yourself to only this area. Carefully examine each spot lingering on the spots that strike you as the most interesting. You may return to these spots a few minutes later. Interestingly, they may feel different on a second visit.

Arousing? Maybe. Maybe not. How do you know? Check your cowpers. Are you starting to ooze, or not? Return again to the spots that seem the most interesting. Check them out again. The spot you thought wasn't arousing at all a few minutes ago may now be producing some very interesting sensations and feelings. Try different approaches to touching, gentle tapping with the fingertips, circular fingertip massage, and the like.

Pay particular attention to the perineum region just behind your balls and rearward to your anus. A thong will help you locate this area precisely (see below). There is a large bundle of nerve endings here, and you are externally massaging the cowpers and perhaps the prostate from this location.

Think of a giant painting filled with colors. After a few minutes the colors change. A few minutes more, the colors have changed again. Each painting is equally beautiful, but different from the previous one. There is every reason to believe that the sensation/body part you passed over a few minutes ago because you thought it was non-erotic is now an erotic hot spot. You just never know. This is certainly going to take more than one session. (Indeed, you can spend an entire lifetime locating these spots!)

Getting in Touch with Your Scrotum and Balls

Note carefully how the feel of your balls changes from moment to moment. First they feel very soft. Almost swollen and gelatinous. tap gently with your first two fingers. At about 5:00 AM, when your testosterone level is greatest, they will feel wonderful at this stage. As you start to get erect, the feel of your balls will change significantly. Take note. They will become smaller and harder, like a pair of walnuts, and pull up closer to your body. This will become particularly obvious as you start to get fully erect, and is a sign that you are nearing orgasm.

Bringing the Session to a "Conclusion"

Toward the end of the session, you will gradually want to start to pay some attention to your penis. If you have found some of the sensations arousing, you will likely have a bit of a (or perhaps a major) hard-on. You may enjoy a lubricant such as a clear aloe verde hand lotion. Your own precum is the ideal lubricant if you have produced enough.

Work from the base of the penis first, ignoring for the time being, the tip and frenulum. Alternate between squeezing gently and stroking, gradually making the strokes longer and quickening the pace. Finally, once you have secured a good erection, start to gently massage the frenulum on the underside of the tip. You are now only seconds away from orgasm. Enjoy....

Partner Sex

So far, the techniques I have described have not involved a partner. However, much of what you have learned about your own arousal mechanism can also be used helpful information in partner sex. The sex therapists talk a lot about "communication" as forming the basis of any relationship. Specifically what communication they are referring to may be unclear. Communication starts when you are able to communicate to your partner exactly the sensations and tactile stimuli that turn you on. In gay sex, a man may discover that his partner is aroused in some of the exact same places. In addition, this is the opportunity to communicate what you like.

This information may also be important in male-female sex. First, by becoming aware of the arousal possibilities other than the penis, you may discover that you can maintain a high arousal level for a much longer period of time than you had previously thought possible--an opportunity to demonstrate loving-and-caring feelings. Since you are able to last longer, your partner may not feel as rushed. Since women normally take a longer period of time for arousal than men, these techniques will tend to even the time out. Further, you can communicate to your partner exactly the locations and types of touch that you most enjoy.

In addition, you can approach a woman's body in the same way you approached your own. The woman, used to a "rush to orgasm" in much partner sex, may at first be (pleasantly?) surprised that you wish to go "exploring." Each fold of skin represents a new arousal "possibility." Remember what you learned about yourself: The spot that was not arousing at all a few minutes ago may be highly erotic only a few minutes later. Keep in mind some of the basics of the female anatomy-- for example, the clitoris represents only the tip of a much larger structure that contains at least as many nerve endings as the penis. Techniques for stimulating the clitoris and arousing women thus require entire books to adequately discuss.

Concluding Comments

I hope that you will find these comments and lessons helpful. Drop me a note and let me know if these techniques work for you.

Enjoy and have fun!

2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com


Spending the Night in a Cup

by David Sebringsil

This story is intended primarily for those men who are not involved in an intimate relationship with another person. It is also intended for men who at times must spend a considerable amount of time away from their partner. Just because an individual is not involved with another person does not mean that a person is asexual, and is somehow doomed to never experience the interesting sexual sensations that their bodies are capable of producing. Indeed, many men living under such conditions could actually be experiencing a great deal more fun than their counterparts that are involved in intimate relationships. You may understand why this could be possible as the story proceeds.

Most men learn how to masturbate under very unfortunate set of circumstances. What is learned in our youth is very interesting-- masturbation is at once extraordinary fun, but somehow evil and something that any real man should be ashamed of. Thus, while most men enjoy masturbation immensely (Authors of a few sex manuals I have read argue that for many men, the orgasms are even stronger than those involved in heterosexual intercourse), they soon learn that in order not to be "discovered," they must complete the act from arousal to orgasm very quickly--perhaps in the space of a few minutes, likely in the bathroom, if possible; and perish the thought of having sheets and pajamas covered with ejaculate.

What's a fella to do after ejaculating in bed? Turn the light on to get up, clean up, and change pajamas? This will likely attract attention from whoever else is in the room or house, whether that be a roommate, a parent or another family member. The message is quickly learned that while masturbation (even involuntary masturbation from wet dreams) is a great deal of fun, the feeling of cold ejaculate for the rest of the night on the pajama leg is not fun, but must be endured to avoid being embarrassed by being "discovered." It's either that or a quickie masturbation session in he bathroom, all the time hoping that no one breaks in to ask why you are taking so long.

And it gets no better as men get older and move away from home. I routinely visit with college students over e-mail who are absolutely terrified of the thought that somehow their roommate or another male friend might discover that they masturbate. I'm not sure what the social signals are here--perhaps that any male who masturbates is somehow unable to form a relationship with a woman? Perhaps this means a person is gay? Why the extreme embarrassment about masturbation even among college students who brag about their other sexual conquests is unclear.

Whatever society is saying here is badly messed up. Masturbation is no sign of weakness, sexual preference, or anything else. Sure, gays masturbate, but virtually every other healthy male masturbates sometimes regardless of their sexual orientation, most throughout their lives.

Nearly every male thinks he does it more than he "should" as if there was some sort of nature-limited allocation. Occasionally, a man might not masturbate regularly if he is in a relationship in which he engages in partner sex so frequently that he lacks the energy do it any other time. Even here it gets confusing, because many forms of partner sex involve mutual masturbation or activities very similar to masturbation. After all, what is foreplay but a form of mutual masturbation? In addition, my hunch is that for most men, masturbation as a form of sexual play occurs far later into life than many people realize.

The problem, of course, is that like most other forms of sexual activity, masturbation is a great deal more fun if it can be taken slowly, with each sensation enjoyed for what it is, and with no concern for being discovered. Furthermore, unlearning the quickie techniques learned in childhood can not only be fun, but even ultimately enhance one's sex life should one get involved in an intimate relationship. Like other forms of sexual activity, it's important to introduce variety in masturbation. Part of the fun of sexuality is the unexpected; the unknown. With this background on masturbation, my story begins about spending a night in a jockstrap.

Before describing a technique employing a hard-cup jock strap, let me first say that I am a big proponent of sexual activities that are not dangerous and do no harm to anyone, and do not transmit disease. If they do not even require a partner, all the better. The approach I suggest here earns an A on all counts.

The internet is abuzz with discussions related to jock straps--A whole news group alt.support.jock-strap is devoted to it. This newsgroup does not exist because of widespread interest in what needs to be worn to protect oneself during contact sports--there is obviously something with sexual overtones going on here. In describing the following technique, I am indebted to one of my e-mail newsgroup contacts, who provided me with some ideas I had not thought of, but I have added some additional ideas of my own that seem to work for me.

Most men, when they think of sexual feelings, tend to identify with the pleasant sensations obtained from stroking the penis, particularly the underside of the head, or the area technically called the frenulum (Has it occurred to everyone that there is a biological reason why nature made that particular spot is so ultra-sensitive? e-mail me and I will explain my theory on that further). But the entire groin area is one giant erogenous zone, including little recognized places such as the inner thighs, and in particular, the area between the scrotum or anus

Thus, any article of clothing that comes into contact with any of these areas is capable of introducing sensations, some perceived as being clearly sexual, others not, and still others in a strange halfway region that depends on the particular situation. Most men have trouble interpreting signals in this latter category. What goes on at the underWWWear site frequently reflects men's interest in the sensations that are not clearly sexual but are not clearly non-sexual either. Most of these sensations are pleasant, but some are interpreted by the brain as being more nearly sexual than others. Is the simple act of putting on a tight fitting pair of underwear sexual or not? I suppose that depends on how the individual interprets the tactile signals. The underWWWear site has served an important function in showing that there are a lot of men, regardless of orientation, who are not certain what to make of all this. However, if you interpret a sensation to be sexual, then for you it undoubtedly is.

Jock straps are of interest because they are the one article of clothing (underwear) that by design and purpose, fit very tight to the groin, perhaps tighter than any other garment. But as the underWWWear site suggests there is also a good deal of quasi-sexual interest in brief and thong swimwear, cycling and compression shorts that contain spandex and the like. (I'm still trying to figure out loose-fitting "boxer people"in this regard. Something similar must be going on based on their observed behavior--perhaps some of you could clue me in on the details of how you interpret the tactile signals from loose fitting boxers. I don't mean to demean my friends who wear boxers, its just that the tactile signals appear to me to be less clear)

Now for the fun part. Actually, you may or may not find this activity fun depending on your mindset. But bear with me. As is widely recognized, the sex organs of a man's body go through a number of erection cycles during the night, some of which may ultimately lead to an unintended orgasm or wet dream. Because of the pressure, any article of clothing that fits tightly to any part of the groin area, (including but not limited to the penis and scrotum} will tend to produce new and perhaps interesting and unanticipated sensations as these arousal cycles proceed. The brain may interpret many of these sensations as providing a great deal of fun (or it may simply interpret them as simply wearing uncomfortable clothing!)

More than a few men enjoy wearing jockstraps as sleepwear. Others who interpret the tactile signals differently (and they have every right to. It's their brain!) describe the sensations in very non-sexual terms--simply as uncomfortable. There appear to be two categories of men: those that prefer loose-fitting clothing and those who enjoy tight fitting clothing as sleepwear. I clearly fall into the latter group. (I also suspect that the loose-fitting group are big on masturbating quickly, focusing almost exclusively on the penis, but that is another arguable story/theory of mine, which will probably result in outcries from the boxer crowd!)

Now suppose that an additional element is added: a hard cup. Much discussion on the daily underWWWear survey and on alt.support.jock-strap centers on the supposedly erotic qualities of the streamlined Bike cup. My problem with the Bike cup is that it doesn't produce a tight enough fit to the penis, allowing the penis to flop around a lot. As sleepwear, in this experiment the whole idea is to find as tight a fitting cup as possible, one that just barely contains your flaccid penis. A couple of readily available possibilities for me are the GRID cup (K- Mart, large youth 26-32) and the Duke (Wal Mart, large youth) but if you really must, you could try the Bike, The GRID is made in China, but the cup of the GRID and the American made Duke are nearly identical in size and shape. The GRID is made of nylon, and feels colder to the skin. The Duke has a broader foam surround on the cup and is made of a softer material, perhaps a cotton or polyester blend. If you must have one, Bike's are available at Target.

Next, slip the jock strap and cup on and crawl into bed. You may want to wear the jock over a tight fitting pair of briefs or even a thong. The pressure of the thong strap along with the straps of the jock is interesting. In addition, for a good fit the cup should be held really tight to the groin, so you may want to top this off with a pair of compression shorts --The Bollingers from K-mart really compress and provide some interesting sensations to the inner thighs as well, but the cotton/lycra Spaulding cycling shorts available at Wal Mart are nifty too.

Try to find a comfortable position to drift off to sleep in. Problem number 1 that may occur: The feel of the cup held tightly to the groin is starting to be interpreted by your body as a sexual rather than as a non-sexual sensation, and you are starting to feel slightly aroused. What's more interesting, you are starting to sense the distinct pressure of the hard cup against the penis. Meanwhile, the cord of the thong is starting to tug away as the penis hardens slightly, and the straps of the jock are starting to bind a bit. What to do? Try to quit thinking about where your sex organs are, and attempt to get some much-needed rest.

Problem number 2: You fall asleep but soon wake up again and the situation is not getting any better. You are still stuck in all the layers of clothing and the straps are starting to really put the tension on. Somehow the sensations of all of this are magnified at night making it more difficult to handle than when you are awake.

Now its 3:00 AM and you discover that the feelings you earlier that night had interpreted as only mildly sexual are turning into a serious hard-on. Your brain interprets the tactile signals from the groin area as if everything in the groin area is getting tighter with no way out. Moreover, the thong strap which was tolerable earlier that nite is really starting to tug on your rear end. Meanwhile, the cup feels hard and cold, the pressure of the hard cup on the penis is building, and can no longer be put out of your mind. Serious trouble! What's worse, you are starting to experience sensations that are screaming to your brain "I need to ejaculate, and the sooner the better!"

You reach down, thinking there is a simple fix to all of this. Just stroke the penis to ejaculate and relieve the pressure. But given the cup and clothing, this is not so easy. That doggone cup is in the way. You know that if you could only touch the frenulum of the penis, you would go off quickly, but that is in a position which you can't get to. At least not very easily. This is maddening. Maddening, frustrating--but at the same time, terrific fun! You are nearly out of your mind in agony, desperately needing to ejaculate but not quite being able to reach the erection level at the point where you can. Keep going. Maybe there is hope.

You keep trying. What will possibly work? You try to stroke your penis through the cup, but that doesn't quite do it. You attempt to adjust the cup by pressing it sideways and downward hoping that you can find some temporary position that will provide momentary relief from pressure and the agony. But if you have chosen your jock strap well, nothing will work. When you move the cup a bit, the penis senses the pressure as a new sensation and gets a bit harder instead. You even try laying on your stomach, but that just presses the cup closer to the groin, which doesn't improve the situation either.

You squirm a lot, in an unsuccessful attempt to relieve the agony. But after what may seem to be an excruciatingly long period of time, perhaps an hour or more,the situation is ultimately resolved. Either (1) the hard-on subsides on its own, (2) you end up reaching a stage where you finally are able to ejaculate into the cup, or (3) In total frustration you pull off everything and masturbate to orgasm. I've had some great orgasms by masturbation (I like to wrap the penis in a facial tissue to collect he ejaculate, then stroke through the tissue) after an hour or two of this, but all three events have happened to me on various occasions. You never quite know how it will turn out.

The amount of fun you will have doing this seems to vary depending on how long it has been since your last orgasm. This activity is particularly enjoyable if you have already gone 2-3 days without ejaculating. So if it doesn't work for you the first night, then try for another nite.

The next day, I often experience some rather weird sensations centered in the pit of my stomach--interestingly enough a craving or longing for the pressure and sensation of the cup to be again held tightly against the groin. A new nervous pathway has clearly developed that "remembers" the sensations of the night before, and craves their continuation. It's the strangest feeling--I come home from work anxious to pull on the cup again. I am curious if others get this delayed sensation as well.

As near as I can determine, this is a quite safe form of sex play for us single and unattached guys. I would like to hear from others who have or are interested in trying this. I would also be particularly interested in other techniques used by those not involved in a sexual relationship with another person. I am not interested in anything that is dangerous, harms someone else, transmits diseases, or involves putting carrots or cucumbers in body orifices where they don't really belong.

Best of luck, and I enjoy hearing about your ideas and experiences. Very little has been written on the topic of sex play for unattached guys. Most sex manuals seen to act as if the problem is one of finding a significant other. I don't see it that way.

Drop me a note and let me know if these techniques work for you.

Enjoy and have fun!

2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com


More Fun with Straps and Thongs

by David Sebringsil

Here is another paper describing more details of some specialized techniques for getting the most out of your thong and jock-strap play. The techniques I describe represent safe and harmless fun for guys. They are especially well suited for sex play for guys who are not involved in a partner-relationship. Still, the ideas and techniques presented here may not be to everyone's taste, and for that I apologize. If you are a bit open minded with respect to trying new things and experiencing new sensations, however, you might find these techniques to be "interesting" fun to say the least.

I run into quite a few guys who think that wearing thong-style underwear might be uncomfortable, or that they will look "funny" if they do. To these guys I have two things to say. Thong-wearing may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but in an "interesting" sort of way. Instead of a panel rear, thong underwear has a cord or narrow band of elastic that fits between the "cheeks" of the butt. A lot of guys are more than curious as to what this must feel like, or whether there is any "danger" of abrasions from the cord. I assure you that thongs feel great and there is not any danger at all. Don't worry about how you look. It's not necessary to wear thongs in a situation where someone else will see you unless you want to. If you have never tried thong underwear, it is an experience not to be missed. At times you forget the cord rear exists--at other time it brushes light-as a-feather against some very sensitive & erotic body parts.

Because of differences in design and fit, each brand of thong produces a slightly different feel and erotic sensations, and it is fun to experiment with various brands to get a "feel" for the specific kinds of differences involved. My personal favorite remains the Jockey--available at big department stores which stock their full line. I have heard rave reviews also from writers endorsing the 2(x)ist Y-back thong, I was on a trip to Toronto Canada, recently, and the department store there had a wide selection of thongs. I found s 2(x)ist Y-back, in black. I now understand why this particular thong is particularly popular. The Y-back produces some interesting sensations unique to this particular brand Undergear, a mail order firm, also stocks a wide array of different thongs, sold under their own brand name. I think its a good idea to undersize these a bit for best effect. A properly fitting thong sized correctly will tend to press everything up and forward putting quite a bit of upward pressure just behind the base of the scrotum--the so-called perineum area--where a concentration of nerves end. The 2(x)ist thong has a "lump" where the thong cord is sewn to the front of the thong, which also puts a lot of direct pressure on this area. To my way of thinking, the Calvin Klein (CK) thong fits a bit too "loosely" to produce this maximum effect. In my travel, I also found a thong from a Canadian company called POR. This has a rear cord that slides freely along the waistband, rather than being sewn to it. Unlike the 2(x)ist thong, which gives you the sensation of being securely strapped in, the PRO thong fits looser than the Jockey or 2(x)ist.

I put a thong on first, and over the top of that I put on a jock strap with a hard cup--the kind baseball players wear. There is a lot of debate among "recreational" jock-strap wearers as to which brand produces the best effect, an endless topic of discussion within the newsgroup devoted to that issue. Because they fit more snugly, my personal preference is for the hard cups of the traditional small triangular cup design, rather than the so-called "banana" cup some of the guys seem to prefer. The cups for all of the adult waist sizes are exactly the same, as are the cups of all of the youth models. I tend to prefer the youth model that has a waist band size 26-30 or perhaps 32. I have had good luck with both the Tru-Fit brand (available at your local K-Mart), and the Bike brand, as both have cups that taper to a rather narrow "V" at the base, shaped to conform to the contours of the body part they are designed to contain and leaving minimal expansion room. The waist band can actually stretch quite a bit from its size, and ideally, the cup will fit very snugly. The penis will fit securely in the narrow portion of the cup.

It's important that the cup be sized as carefully and as tightly as possible, so that the flaccid penis will just barely fit pointing downward within the narrow portion of the cup. If in doubt, try the smaller size. Another way of sizing properly is to make certain that you can touch the end of the narrow portion of the cup with the very tip of the flaccid penis. At this point the thong will be pushing everything up and forward, but the cup that is now over the top of your penis will be pushing everything downward and back toward your groin. Quite a predicament for your penis to be in! You might find yourself contemplating and anticipating how this is going to feel as you begin to think about assembling your clothing items.

If you want, over the top of all of this you can wear a tight-fitting pair of cycling shorts or perhaps a pair of "compression" shorts similar to those that basketball players wear. This will also assure that the cup will be held tightly against the groin. The cup and thong are sized properly if, no matter what you are doing, your mind is repeatedly drawn back to the sensations that you are feeling throughout your groin and penis. No matter whether you stand, sit, walk or lie down, you will feel the constant pressure of the cup against your groin area, your penis touching against the inside of the cup, and the repeated tug of the thong cord reminding you of its presence in a gentle yet profoundly persistent way. These sensations have a way of magnifying and interacting with each other and you will become increasingly aware of your dilemma. There is no escape.

After donning this garb, you may not notice much in the way of sensations at first, except that you are feeling slightly uncomfortable along with some general pressure producing a variety of different sensations all around the groin area. Your attention should be increasingly drawn to what is happening, and the various sensations will tend to keep your mind from drifting. If the anticipation of donning this garb has not already done so, very soon you should have just a bit of an erection--an erection that really has no place to go but to press harder against the inside of the cup. You should begin to feel some increased pressure drawing attention to your groin area as your now enlarging penis starts to press against the inside of what is rapidly becoming an increasingly tight- fitting cup. Not only that, you will notice that as the penis becomes erect, the cord comprising the rear of the thong will start to cinch up more snugly than when you first slipped into the thong, producing all sorts of interesting sensations emanating from unexpected places.

When you find yourself in such a predicament, the natural tendency is to try to figure out a strategy to attempt to deal with it. There are any number of things you might try and each produces a different set of deliciously frustrating but thoroughly pleasant sensations. The more you try to cope with the situation you find yourself in, the more difficult it will become, as no matter what you do everything just seems to get tighter and tighter with no relief in sight. As the pressure from the cup and thong builds, your psychological urge to ejaculate keeps building--first in a very subtle, I-can-easily-handle-that kind of way, gradually building in an increasingly insistent and attention-grabbing matter.

Your first effort might be to press with your fingers as hard as you can against the top of the cup, rubbing back and forth as you press against the cup. Unfortunately, this seems to provide no relief at all, and only makes matters worse as some of the sensations get transmitted through the cup and the thong cord tugs a little harder still as it keeps getting cinching up ever tighter.

Your next attempt might involve hitting the cup with your fist (Don't worry about damaging anything valuable: these are designed to take a full blow from a fast-moving baseball.) But that approach doesn't help, either. Worse, the repeated blows seem to add more and more indirect vibrations and stimulation radiating through the cup,and into the groin area though, frustratingly, not quite enough so that you are able to ejaculate. By now you are also probably becoming increasingly aware of the pressure that the entire rim of the cup is putting on your groin area and sensations seem to radiate outward from all around the rim as well.

You next try to get some relief by "adjusting" the cup--moving it up or down or from side to side in what you soon discover is a largely futile attempt to find a position that puts less direct pressure on the increasingly tightly confined penis. But moving it around not only does not provide any relief you are seeking from the ever growing agony, but instead simply provides more indirect stimulation. Not only that, psychologically your mind is becoming more and more focused on your increasingly desperate need to ejaculate and this is certainly not helping matters either. The sensations that were tolerable only a few minutes before are now calling out to capture more and more of your mental attention. You are starting to focus your mind almost exclusively on the sensations you are experiencing in the groin area, as whatever else is happening around you merits less and less of your mental attention. Only a few minutes ago you were only vaguely aware of it, but now the presence of the hard-cup that is indeed tightly encasing your penis is becoming increasingly apparent, even as you become increasingly aware of the fact that the cup has barely enough space to contain your flaccid penis. Your penis squeezes harder and harder against the narrow sides and tip of the cup, but is constrained. Ejaculation as a quick means of relief obviously is not possible because the cup fits too securely and you can't get quite enough direct stimulation of your penis through the cup so that you are able to ejaculate. If the strap is sized properly, it will be nearly impossible to reach your fingers under the cup either. You are stuck!

Still, as another alternative you might try pulling on the thong cord--which is producing its own set of sensations as it cinches up tighter and tighter-- or try rubbing your fingers against the perineum area directly behind the scrotum, about at the location where the thong cord attaches to the front of the thong. Again, these attempts produce some deliciously interesting sensations, they are still a little below the amount of stimulation you would need to ejaculate, and the delicious agony continues..

Last, you try to cope with your situation by attempting to get some momentary relief from the building sexual tension. You try to do this by pulling the cup forward and away from the groin for a few seconds. For a few brief moments, while separated from the confines of the snugness of the narrow cup, the penis enlarges. But this momentary relief from the cup's restrictive confines is short-lived. As the cup snaps back, the now even larger penis is constrained ever more tightly within the cup. This sends more pangs of delicious pleasure radiating from the groin area everywhere throughout the body. You do this over and over.

If you desire, you can play with these various techniques for as long as you want--perhaps even hours--always remaining just under the requisite arousal level for a full-scale ejaculation. The psychological urge to ejaculate will continue to get stronger and stronger as you proceed (you will quickly learn that this urge can be much stronger than you had ever before realized you could stand, and it's fun to see how much of this psychological pressure you can "cope" with without going off. After some time spent doing this, if you cheat and look under the cup, you will probably discover that you have produced more clear pre-ejaculate than you ever thought (or even dreamed) might be possible. Finally, if you work at it long enough and intensively enough, you might discover that you are finally able to ejaculate cloudy semen while you are still confined inside the cup. Generally, however, it's more fun to finally remove the garb and ejaculate employing your usual masturbation techniques, whatever they might be. You will probably find that the orgasm you finally have after engaging in these techniques for some time will be more powerful than you had ever previously thought possible.

This is all absolutely safe play and a terrific fun an afternoon or evening as well. Drop me a line if you experiment with the technique or have questions or comments.

David Sebringsil

2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com


Still More Fun with Jock-Straps

by David Sebringsil

Here are some more tips for having fun with jock-straps. Instead of using a jock-strap and a thong, as is the procedure in my paper, More Thong and Jock-Strap Fun, this method makes use of two jock-straps, one with a cup and one without which are layered one over the other.

First, locate a jock-strap that does not have a cup. Bike probably sells more jock-straps than any other company. One of the reasons Bike is a leading brand is that they devote a lot of effort to fit and feel. They use an excellent quality of elastic in the waist-band and it does not easily stretch out. The classic Bike jock strap is illustrated below. The material is ribbed and feels like a mixture of rubber and cloth. The texture and feel is quite interesting. Bike Jock-straps are normally sold in sporting goods stores, and at the discounter Target.

Another option is the Tru-Fit strap sold at KMart. The tru-fit is made of a loose-knit cloth that has holes in it. The fit and feel of the tru-fit is quite different from the bike. First, the cloth area is smaller than for the Bike, giving a snugger fit. The straps of the tru-fit put more upward pressure at the rear of the scrotum--an interesting feeling to say the least! But the elastic in the Tru-Fit is of poorer quality, and will not last as long.

It is important to size the jockstrap properly. Bluntly put, a snugger fit is better and will produce the most interesting sensations--so if you think of your waist size as "Large", buy a Medium. If your waist is "Medium", buy the "Small". The waist band will stretch quite a bit, and it's far better to undersize the strap than to oversize. The whole idea is for the jock-strap to put enough pressure "down there" so your mind keeps you thinking about the feelings you are experiencing.

The next step is to pick out a jock-strap with a hard cup. Again, my personal preference is for the Standard Bike model, as illustrated below. This has a smaller, snugger cup than the larger, so-called "Banana-style" Bike.

In each design, there are only two sizes of cups--a youth size and an adult size (apparently, penis size is not correlated with waist size!), The one illustrated below is the Youth-Large size 28-32. The cup on this strap has just enough room to accommodate a non-erect penis in the "down" position. This strap features a sleeve with two small snaps to hold the cup.

Another option is the "Tru-Fit with a cup sold at KMart. The cup size and degree of accommodation of the non-erect penis is similar to the Bike, but the material feels different, and slicker. Again, two snaps hold the cup securely in place. And again, the elastic is not as good quality as the Bike uses.

If properly fitted, getting into these straps requires that you have a non- erect (or only slightly erect) penis. The whole idea, of course, is that if the fit is snug when the penis is not erect, the fit will become almost impossibly snug as an erection proceeds. Put the strap without the cup on first, followed by the strap that has the cup. As an additional step, the cup can be held even more securely against the groin area but putting a pair of compression or lycra cycling shorts over the top of everything as illustrated below.

By now, your attention is probably starting to be directed toward some of the sensations you are starting to feel in the groin area. Most guys seem to think that non-erect penises are rather insensitive. This, however, is not the case at all. The combination of pressures and sensations from the snug-fitting straps should cause you to think more about the confined situation your penis is in. If everything is working properly, you will still not have a significant erection, but you are probably beginning to feel the sensation of a wet area forming at the very tip of your penis. This crystal clear liquid is sometimes referred to as pre-ejaculate, or "pre-cum" and normally forms in glistening droplets at the very tip of the penis. It is always clear (not cloudy), and is a sign that you are starting to become quite aroused from the various sensations in the groin area. Your penis, now tightly constricted by the two straps and pressing against the hard cup, has almost no room to expand into, and so it must press against the inside of the cup, which, of course is also held tightly to the groin area by the compression or cycling shorts.

One agonizing "problem", of course, is that with the cup held securely in place, it is basically impossible to "relieve yourself" as you normally would by rubbing your penis. The best you can do to get some relief from what has become a deliciously excruciating agony is to attempt to slide the cup around so that it is in a slightly different position.If the waist band on the cup strap fits securely, it is difficult to move the cup by very much, and sliding the cup back and forth only seems to make matters worse, causing a further slight enlargement of the penis (but not enough so that you can ejaculate) so the fit gets still tighter and the pressure becomes even more excruciatingly frustrating but delicious. Pulling the cup away from the body for a few seconds will likely result in the penis further increasing in size--but then releasing the cup will snap it back against the groin, resulting in some wildly delightful sensations. Lying on your stomach produces another set of sensations as the cup is pressed even more tightly against the groin and the penis is even more tightly constrained.

Most guys think they can produce pre-ejaculate for only a few minutes prior to an orgasm. What you will quickly discover, however, is that you can lounge around in this semi-aroused feel-good state for literally hours, with your mind never drifting for very long from all the interesting sensations coming from the groin area. This is the truly addictive part. Your brain is actually being flooded with very similar kinds of chemicals that cause the good feelings which are normally associated with drug use..yet the effect is all natural, and quite harmless. You are simply taking full advantage of some of the best sensations your mind and body is capable of producing.

How you choose to end a session such as this is up to you. Eventually you will probably decide that you have had enough of the delicious frustration of having your penis contained in the narrow cup without relief. It is possible to have an orgasm with the penis still contained in the cup, but that is not very easy to do. If you eventually do decide to pull off the cup and straps and engage in an ordinary masturbation session, you will probably discover that you will conclude by having one of the most powerful and fun orgasms you have ever experienced!

Best of Luck!

David Sebringsil

2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com


Review of the "Magnificent" Koala Swimsuit

Koala Swimwear, a company well known for their extreme men's swimwear designs, has recently placed a new men's "swimsuit" in their product line. Not for the timid, this swimsuit would also not likely be worn at the pool for anything but a very private party.

The basic suit is a conventional thong or G-String design, with a narrow (approximately 3/8" wide) elastic waist band covered with lycra fabric. A thong rear is simply another equally narrow band of this lycra covered elastic fabric. In the front, the waist band divides into three separate narrow horizontal bands of lycra-covered fabric designed to hold everything securely in place.

The front of the suit is quite different: It consists of two parts, one designed to hold the penis and one designed to hold the scrotum and testicles. The part of the swimsuit designed to hold the scrotum and testicles consists of three vertical bands of lycra-covered elastic and is completely open otherwise. The bottom of this is attached to the band that makes up the rear of the thong. The suit is designed such that each testicle fits through one side of this "cage" with the center band (sometimes called a "ball splitter") running up the center. This is sewn to the portion of the suit that holds the penis.

The suit is designed to be worn with the penis in the "up" position. A "sock" made of a sheer nylon fabric is designed to contain the penis. The penis is held in place by three narrow horizontal lycra-covered elastic bands and in the front by three more horizontal lycra bands. Each of the front bands have a small stainless steel ring sewn in the middle. Since these bands are securely attached to the waist band of the suit, the penis is held securely in the "up" position and close to the body.

Putting the suit on involves a number of steps. In getting into the suit, the first step is to make certain that the testicle cage is in position, with one testicle squeezing through either side of the center band. Once these bands comprising the cage is in position, the portion of the suit that contains the penis requires that the penis be placed through each of the three pair of horizontal bands one at a time. Unlike some of the Koala swimsuits, where even a slight erection makes getting into the swimsuit difficult, with this suit it is actually helps at this stage to have a slight erection. Once the penis is in place, the straps and the nylon penis sock can be adjusted in front.

It is possible to obtain any number of interesting sensations from this suit. Since the penis is pointing up, the ultrasensitive underside of the penis is outside, next to the elastic bands with the metal rings. Sliding these metal rings around makes for some unique sensations indeed.

This suit stays in place even if you have a rather firm erection and the penis is held securely strapped in the up position regardless of your state. Further, because of the position of your penis with the underside out, maintaining your erection is easy. In addition, the ball splitter is sewn to the portion of the suit that contains the penis, and as the erection proceeds, additional tension is placed on the ball splitter. To say that this feels good is an understatement.

If you have read this far, you probably know whether or not the Koala "Magnificent" suit would be of interest to you. The suit is not inexpensive, at $36.00, but it is a complex product requiring considerable labor. For those who are interested, Koala has a website,

David Sebringsil

2006 David Sebringsil  sebringsil@aol.com