Thong Wear and a Review of Thongs


Introduction and Background


A lot of guys are perhaps uncertain and maybe also a little apprehensive about the whole idea of wearing thong underwear. A number of different explanations for this apprehension and uncertainty can be proposed. Part of the explanation relates back to when guys, often as adolescents, first start to make decisions about the type of underwear to wear. Let me provide a little detailed background to set the stage for what is to follow. This information is useful in better understand how guys develop and mature.


Often, for guys under the age of 10 or 12 the underwear purchase is a decision most often made by their moms. At this stage in life, a boy’s opinion does not matter much. By the time a boy becomes a teenager, he is generally making his own decisions on more things in life, and perhaps is at least starting to make the decision on the proper style or type of underwear to wear. As a young teen, most boys would be primarily concerned about choosing underwear that is similar to what is observed that other guys his age is wearing.  The rule here is “don’t stand out too much from your male friends in this department, or you will stand out as being something different or odd”…not good. So the tendency is to gravitate toward styles that will not draw undue attention to what one is wearing. Dads might play roles in the choice because what would be ok for dad to wear should be ok and not attract attention as being different from the norm.


So the choices here tend to be dominated by what peer teens think are ok and what would generally be considered ok or acceptable by parents. These considerations tend to nominate the choice of underwear through the high school years. An additional problem is that most teen guys constantly must deal with at least the potential for unwanted erections on a daily basis. Erections occurring at really inopportune times probably happen less frequently than feared. But this is another factor in post-pubescent guys tending to favor baggy boxer shorts that camouflage erections happening and being observed when and in places where they are not supposed to happen. Further, any tighter fitting garment has at least the potential to become part of the problem. 


Note in particular that guys generally spend about the first five years of their post-pubescent life worrying about the possibility that they will accidentally get an erection and that this will happen in a setting that is inappropriate or cause them embarrassment, such as one that accidentally happens in a gym locker room. Then after that, they generally spent most of the rest of their lives that they will not be able to get an erection is a situation where they really want to have one, and that this will cause them just as much embarrassment, perhaps more, in particular with a partner. Nature can play cruel tricks on guys. If guys could only simply will erections to happen or not on command, life for guys would surely be a whole lot easier.


Once a guy enters college, things begin to change, at least a little. There still may be concern with respect to how the college guy is seen in locker rooms and other situations where the guy would be seen semi-clothed. Then there is the dating issue, and an increasing possibility as the guy moves into young adulthood that the choice of underwear will be observed by the date. So what is thought to be acceptable or unacceptable to dates to gradually replace the concern over whether a particular choice is acceptable or unacceptable to the guy’s parents and peer males.  The frequently overwhelming fear of getting erections at unwanted times and places tends to subside as the guy gets a little older, and the guy can at least start to make some choices that he believes not only feel good, but perhaps even look sexy to others in the situations he hopes to find himself in wearing only underwear.


A lot of guys in their teens and 20s are still quite fearful that any type of underwear that is confining or tight fitting still could present a problem with respect to setting up the conditions required for an unwanted erection. By the time a guy gets into his late teens, he is likely aware of the range of underwear styles available, and probably has a pretty good idea about what is ok versus not ok as he sees the world he lives in. Some guys seem all but obsessed with the idea that any underwear they wear should be loose enough to accommodate an expanding penis.



Buying a First Thong


Guys generally bring all this psychological and related general baggage about underwear choice into adulthood and in particular in choosing a first thong, which for most guys, at least guys living in the US,  is going to be considered over-the-top wild relative to wearing conventional briefs or boxer shorts. I’ve often wondered if young adult males in Europe and Asia deal with the same range of issues and concerns, or whether the issues I have raised about underwear choice pose less of a psychological burden. A lot of US guys simply never quite get to the point where they would feel comfortable wearing a thong.  The idea of wearing conventional briefs or boxers may be simply too deeply ingrained to consider an alternative.


A few guys, of course, perhaps experimented as teens with not wearing any underwear at all, but the idea of “going commando” presented problems of its own. After all, underwear does serve functional purposes, and simply going without underwear in rough-textured jeans may be more than a little uncomfortable and scratchy. Then also, underwear provides support and keeps everything from flopping around, at least not too much. So many guys might be more than a little uneasy or apprehensive about purchasing and putting on their first thong. Understandably, they do not know quite how their bodies will react, and this uncertainty can quickly become scary.


This is not unlike what young guys frequently go through when they engage in a sport that calls for wearing an athletic supporter and putting one on in the locker room with peer athletes present for the first time, or for that matter, in joining a swim team which requires that the guys must discard their board shorts and instead pull on very brief, Speedo® style swimwear. At some level in all of these instances the guy is both interested in how his body might react to the situation, but also at some level feeling uneasy, apprehensive, uncertain, potentially even embarrassed and more than a little scared, particularly if the guy’s body behaves in ways that his peer athletes might notice. 


Putting on a first thong can be a bit less challenging because one can usually try a thong on alone at home, not in front of other guys in a locker room, but some of the same issues occur. In the case of the swimsuit or athletic supporter, the guy can always rationalize on the basis that it was “required by the sport or coach”.  However, I can just imagine a teen guy trying to explain to his parents that he would like to buy and wear a pair of thong underwear (perhaps with the idea in the back of his mind of getting off in them). The parents might not react so favorably. That is why, unlike what often happens with athletic supporters and swim briefs, the first thing purchase ordinarily gets moved up into young adulthood, if it occurs at all.


A young guy, even a young adult male, has to be pretty self-confident about himself, his sexuality, and comfortable in his own body to show up wearing thong underwear in a gym locker room or pool changing room. Some guys seem to be more ok and at ease with this than others, and have an easier time getting their heads around the whole idea. I should also note that part of the fun of wearing a skimpy thong is to observe how other guys at a gym or changing room react to what you have chosen. Chances are, most guys won’t dare actually say anything. A few might make derogatory remarks, while yet others might be “curious” about how such a skimpy and confining garb feels—not unlike the various looks guys get who wear Speedo briefs at the pool when most of the other guys are wearing baggy board shorts.


In summary, for an assortment of reasons, thong wear is probably not the destiny for every guy. Also, is a guy looking at purchasing a first thong because he sees this as simply an alternative garment for daily wear, or is there more going on?  If you have already read this far, stay with me.  Maybe I can and perhaps will change your mind and convince you to buy a thong , particularly as I discuss the characteristic of various designs and brands of thongs.


International Trends and Differences in Design


International trends in thong design in many ways mirror international trends that we have long seen in other styles of underwear as well as swimwear around the world. In another article, I discuss some of the reasons I believe that US men seldom wear Speedos or brief-style swimwear. In doing the thong reviews for this article, I have had the opportunity to look at thongs that were designed primarily for US men, and compare them with thongs that are made in Asia, South America and in Europe. Differences in the design of these from one area of the world to another to a certain extent may mirror differences in thong design that might appeal to men living in different geographic areas around the world.


For example, at least in the last few decades, American men seem to have become ever more concerned about having “adequate space” for their equipment in anything they might wear. This has led to design trends favoring oversized underwear and swimwear, baggy jeans and so on.  I suppose that an oversized thong could be thought of as something of an oxymoron, in that any thong is going to offer minimal coverage compared with, say, a boxer short, but even here we see interesting differences.


A classic joke has the American athletic coach who is coaching a support when protection in the form of a jock strap is needed.  At practice, the coach brings jock straps in various sizes S-XL to the locker room, and asks each player to select one. Oddly, every player selects the strap in the XL size!


So too, perhaps with thong design. Any thong designed for major sales in US markets will likely be at least somewhat oversized in an effort to cater to dominant US male thinking in this regard that he needs to cover enough so that nothing embarrassing is on display. Displaying one’s uncovered butt in a thong is considered strictly off-limits by a lot of American guys.  It is those Europeans, Asians and Latin Americans who seem comfortable in and go for the skimpy revealing garb! 


At the same time, many American guys are frequently at least somewhat curious how the skimpier clothing designs of all sorts, not just thongs, might look and feel, and also why the guys in other countries seem so at ease in their own skins, seemingly comfortable in situations where they are nearly nude, not afraid at all to display their bodies in all their glory and so on. At some level American guys admire these other guys who seem more at ease being nearly nude, even if for whatever reason they remain scared and are not at all certain that they want to become part of it. A lot of US guys can be both uneasy with the thong idea and yet in a strange way still curious and fascinated by it as well.


Particularly for straight guys in relationships, there is also the question of how their female partners will react. As I have already suggested in other essays, there is something of a dual standard in the US, in which it is ok generally for women to wear the most body-revealing garb they want, but guys feel that somehow they must cover up or their female partner will not approve. Many women seem to react very negatively to a guy wearing something that would cause other females to gawk or hover, and they seem to feel threatened if this happens. Many men, on the other hand, seem to get a kick out of having their wives or girlfriends show up in garb that would cause other men, their peers, to stare.  This is more of the behavioral double standard Americans seem resigned to accept.


The thong manufacturers face another basic problem that is linked directly to the idea of whether the thong should be designed based on the normal parameters that would be of concern for underwear comfort in daily wear, or whether the thong design ought to primarily focus instead on eroticism. In the latter instance, the thong design would not focus on a design that would provide comfort and practicality as daily underwear, but rather on the potential of the design for getting a guy off, likely as nightly or “sleep wear.”  In essence, there are two markets for thongs, which we could call the daily wear market, and the ‘recreational,” “getting off”, or perhaps “nightly underwear” market. 


Daily Wear


The thong designed for daily wear, (especially if a major targeted market is in the US.) would have a fairly large and relatively non-confining front pouch. But there will be other differences in the design too. The cord or strap in the rear can be designed in any number of ways, ranging from a relatively broad flat relatively loose piece of elastic that will generally ride over the top of the buttocks, rather than cut between them, all the way to short, thin, very elastic cords that fit and cut very tightly between the buttocks. In the case of a thong that is primarily if not exclusively used for daily wear as an alternative to boxer or brief underwear, the key design features will likely be a large, fairly loose-fitting pouch (often all-cotton rather than a cotton-blend) attached to a broad flat and fairly loose-fitting elastic strap. Other design details might vary, but the whole idea here is to design the thong such that while still providing male support, feels most like wearing no underwear at all.


A daily wear thong must by design be made to not cause too much stimulation. This suggests a somewhat larger, less confining, perhaps all-cotton rather than cotton/Lycra pouch, and a somewhat wider back that is loose and wide enough to ride over a guy’s buttocks rather than a cord that cinches up tightly between the buttocks. If a thong designed for daily wear is too sensual and arousing, it would be inconvenient to say the least, for the guy to have to take rest room breaks during the day in order to deal with the situation at hand. Too, most guys at work do not want to draw too much attention to themselves when in the rest room, so this puts some limits on thong designs that would work as regular daily underwear.  So by design, a thong aimed at the daily wear market is going to be constructed somewhat differently from one aimed more nearly at the nightly or recreational wear market. More about this is contained in the following section.


Nightly (or Recreational) Wear


The other market, or alternative approach, is to design the thong recognizing that it will not likely be regularly used as daily underwear, but instead specifically for eroticism, “recreational” wear, “getting off in” or perhaps simply nightly thong wear. As suggested by the name, the whole idea here is to wear the thong as a substitute for what a guy normally uses as bedtime wear. Typically a recreational wear thong are used primarily as bedtime wear and engaging in night-time erotic adventures, rather than as daytime underwear as an alternative to briefs or boxers. The nightly-wear or recreational thong is generally designed quite differently from the daily wear thong. First, the pouch will be smaller, perhaps much smaller. Second, it is common to use blends of cotton and Lycra which has significant stretch, rather than 100% cotton.


The cord and strap designs on thongs focusing on this market vary by manufacturer. The ideal strap for recreational wear is probably one that fits tightly between the buttocks, which also holds the pouch in front very snuggly and tightly in place. What happens here, of course is that as the guy begins to get an erection within the snug pouch, more pressure is put on the strap in the rear, which tightens everything up including the strap some more. The various sensations feed on each other. Another design trend has been to make the strap and pouch small enough so that the thing rides very low on the hips, typically exposing part of the upper butt crack. This exposure is consistent with designs used for some Asian Swim briefs, sometimes called “Japanese Speedos”. This design trend tends to be more Asian and European rather than American, and a lot of American guys tend to be uneasy and uncertain about this look. 


An interesting dilemma for an underwear manufacturer is the basic business question as to which of these is the largest of the two thong markets. Do underwear manufacturers really believe that daily thong wear as an alternative to briefs and boxers will ever become quite commonplace among men, and particularly among American men? The answer to that question may seem obvious, that the daily wear market as an alternative to boxers or briefs will likely be the larger of the two markets, but further thought suggests that this is not entirely clear. Thus, the thongs designed for daily underwear wear as an alternative style to boxers and briefs might be designed very differently from those destined for nightly or recreational wear.


As I have already suggested, in the case of a daily wear thong the pouch might be cut fuller, and the elastic connecting the pouch to the back of the thong might be wider, longer, and designed to ride over the top of the butt rather than between the glutes. There are other, more subtle differences too, that might make a thong primarily designed for nightly or recreational wear quite different from a daily wear thong. For example, I have suggested that a a daily wear thing might more commonly be made of 100% cotton material, whereas the recreational or nightly wear thong might more commonly be a cotton/Lycra blend, perhaps with a significant amount of Lycra.


At least in the US, the major department stores selling men’s underwear such as Macys, if they sell thongs at all, will far more likely be selling designs from the major manufacturers primarily designed for daily wear as simply another underwear style that is an alternative to boxers or briefs, but perhaps appealing to only a small percentage of their customers. These same stores would tend to see the market for recreational thongs as something more nearly a specialty item. Fortunately, in the US the on-line retailers have taken up the opportunity to develop the latter market.


How all this works in detail in foreign countries remains something of a mystery to me. My sensing is that many department stores in Europe, for example, would feel less inhibited about offering a variety of styles focused on the recreational market along side more conservative styles intended as regular daily wear. Indeed, the entire issue of how guys worldwide see and evaluate these options is an interesting one. A design that is seen primarily for night time or recreational wear in the US, for example, might be very popular as a daily wear item in Europe or even parts of Asia.


What Makes a Thong Design Sensual (or Not)?


One reason for conducting tests of thongs by wearing them over night is that nighttime wear tends to concentrate and focus any of the sensations that come about from wearing the thong. For recreational wear, for maximum thong sensuality, there are a number of key characteristics of the thong. First, the thong pouch needs to be contoured but quite snug and form-fitting. The pouch should not be so large nor fit so loose that any of the guy’s equipment falls out. In general, cotton/Lycra® blends tend to work better on these counts than all-cotton thongs, but more about that in the specific tests. Second, both the design of the thong strap or cord as it connects the pouch to the back of the waistband varies a lot from brand to brand.


As I have already mentioned, some guys are apprehensive about wearing a thong in which the strap is small and short enough to make it cut tightly between the glutes, but at the same time, this design element can be highly sensual, as, once in, the guy will not forget what he is wearing. Fascinating sensations from the strap or cord alo tend to be focused during the night. Some guys, however, may prefer a broader flat strap covered in cotton. These generally are longer and tend to ride on or over the glutes rather than cut between them. This design is often more typical of thongs designed for daily wear rather than for recreational wear. The difference between a thong that is uncomfortable to wear versus sensual can be very small indeed.


How the pouch and the strap (or cord) is attached to the pouch can also make an important difference. With some designs, the strap is almost an extension or continuation of the pouch. This is a design I would expect to see commonly in thongs designed for daily wear. From a sensuality perspective I have found that the best thongs use a fairly short strap with strong elastic, elastic that is heavily sewn to the pouch using multiple stitches. Interestingly, the type of sewing that attaches the strap to the pouch is important, and if there is a lump of stitches here that tends to apply pressure to the guy’s perineum area, the spot of nerve endings directly behind the scrotum. Pressure here can be really erotic in all sorts of different ways. Finally a really great thong for recreational use will not only put pressure on the perineum area, but also put pressure on and push the guy’s male equipment front and forward. All of these elements together help to make the ideal recreational or nighttime thong.


The Reviews and Tests


First, it is important to note that these tests were primarily set up to compare thongs for night-time recreational wear, not primarily to find the thong that might be most suitable for daily wear as an underwear alternative to standard boxers or briefs. If you are in any way uneasy about this or are instead looking for an evaluation of thongs as an alternative type of underwear to boxers and briefs for daily wear, then my information may not be as useful to you. Some guys might be apprehensive about wearing a thong if they think the whole idea might be enough to get them aroused. Other guys might have exactly the opposite view and be particularly interested in choosing a thong that has a high probability of quickly leading to arousal once in.


No two guys are the same with respect to how they might feel about this, and I fully realize and appreciate that. Some guys might be less than comfortable with the whole idea of using a thong for recreational fun, and for those guys I can only say you may not fully appreciate or realize what you are missing out on. Recreational thong wear is a perfectly safe activity that at least for some guys, can be a lot of fun. Don’t be critical until you have tried it! If you have read this far, and are still with me continue to bear with me. We are now getting into the really good part.


I am deeply indebted to the on-line retailer for not only selecting seven different brands of thongs for me to review and test for providing thongs from seven different manufacturers for the reviews gratis. Any of the thongs reviewed here can be ordered directly from them, and I have provided a link on each review so you can do just that for whatever thong appeals to you. Whether you choose a thong for daily wear or for recreational wear, will appreciate your business and help you find exactly what you want.


Study Details: What I Did for (or in the Name of) “Science”


I’m approaching these tests using as much good science as I can in the process. The most difficult part of doing the review was to design a consistent scientific test of each thong and then rate each thong as to its potential for recreational wear or erotic fun as well as provide comments on the practicality of each thong for daily wear using five-point (or five-star) scales. So far as I am aware, no one else has ever tried to do anything like this in a scientific way.


I first decided that the simplest way to run such a test would be for me to simply wear each thong one night as bed time wear, and then report back in the discussion of the thong a diary of the details of what did or did not happen. In instances where I was not quite certain, I sometimes wore the thong for an additional night (or two, if I really liked a thong in my initial tests) as well, to double- (and even triple-) check my initial findings. I did not uncover any down side to performing the additional tests.


There was always a possibility that my overall level of arousal or not on each night was somehow affecting the information I was collecting, i.e. that I just happened to be wearing a particular thong on a particular night when I feeling particularly excited and charged) which, oddly enough, happens fairly frequently to me). If so, this could be unfair to some of the other designs that I might have tried when I was less charged up. What I quickly learned was that donning the right thong could sometimes quickly raise my arousal level even when I was initially feeling quite un-sexy. In general, findings from the second and third tests were broadly consistent with my initial findings for all the brands.


This method of testing worked quite well, as is apparent from the individual reviews that follow,. In particular, my body told me that there were indeed quite clear measurable differences between the various brands. My body was actually quite sensitive at telling me whether I am in or potentially am getting into an arousing situation or not. To be sure, I have had decades of experience running less scientific tests of underwear, swimwear and athletic supporters for their turn-on potential, and therefore I probably have some advantages in performing these tests. In the end, it was fairly easy to not only rank the thongs, but to separate those that are likely to be lot of fun for a guy versus not so much fun. However, I will discuss this in greater detail as I get into the individual thong reviews, as the scientific conclusions are linked to the big and small details of the design of each thong. So, here are the reviews, one thong at a time.






Calvin Klein has long marketed underwear in all sorts of different styles for the daily underwear market. A lot of their sales are in the US, and so much of their marketing efforts have traditionally gone to coming up with designs catering to the American male and for daily wear. I suspect that they might be reluctant to admit that in the case of thongs another, recreational market might even exist, let alone apprehensive about coming up with designs catering to that market, even though that market could be larger than the daily wear market.  If I am reading the very fine print on the waist band correctly, the country of manufacture is Egypt, a place known as a source for very soft, high quality cotton.


Interestingly, I happened to have a thong made by Calvin Klein over a decade ago, so it was most interesting to compare that older design with what is now a current design from the same company. Calvin Klein primarily sees itself as a company that markets a variety of underwear styles to what they see as a more nearly mainstream, daily rather than recreational wear market. There are many similarities between the old and the new. Both use a very wide elastic waist band for example. The old waist band is 1 ½” flat (not covered with cotton) elastic. The waist band on the newer design is wider still, 1 ¾ inches. The “steel’ part on the new design comes from the fact that this wide elastic waistband has a shiny silver finish, whereas the old one was just a 1 ½” piece of standard white elastic.


Both thongs have large pouches of a similar shape, essentially wide pieces of cloth with only a slight shape or contour.  The Steel design features a pouch made of 93 % cotton with 7% Lycra. In the older design the cord was simply a ¼” wide flat piece of elastic, which tended to ride between the glutes, although lightly, as if the guy was being tickled by a feather. In the new design the cord is covered in the same material as the pouch, and actually just an extension of the pouch. This back design tends to fit over the glutes, rather than between them.  While this back design may be favored by guys who are uneasy about a strap design that cuts deeply between the buttocks this is part of the Calvin Klein that makes it both more conservative and perhaps more suitable for daily than recreational wear,


Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating

Did I get off wearing this in the overnight test? No. I slept soundly the entire night. It was comfortable as sleepwear but just not very erotic feeling. In short, I slept comfortably, but did not get aroused.

Daily Wear Rating   ☆☆☆☆

This thong looks a lot sexier in the mirror than it feels at night. The “steel” elastic waistband (which looks more like brushed aluminum than steel) is unique, and as a consequence this thong looks a lot sexier in the mirror than it feels. Still, I suspect a guy could wear this thong in a gym locker room and not really draw any real attention. The large size of the pouch and the fact that it lies nearly flat could be, perhaps comfortable in daily wear. If this were the first thong a guy has ever worn, he might find it sensual, and if a guy were buying a thong for daily wear as an alternative to briefs and boxers that could attract a little attention at the gym or with a partner, this might be a real possibility, but for me the overall design was just a little too timid

Overall rating ☆☆


To order the Calvin Klein Steel Thong from, go to THIS LINK






Gregg-Homme Fahrenheit-Pouch (cotton/Lycra)


I’m not entirely certain where Gregg Homme was headed with this design. A number of elements suggest to me that they were intending on focusing primarily on the recreational rather than daily wear market. The thong is sewn in Canada, which often tends to have a more European (frequently a bit more leading edge or racier) view of underwear styles than Americans. Many of the pieces for a strong recreational thong are here, and yet the design overall doesn’t quite come together. The overall design is more nearly like the design of an athletic supporter, with a single, rather narrow elastic cord holding the pouch in place rather than two separate leg straps


The key design element is a snug U-shaped 95% cotton 5% Lycra pouch that is not sewn to the waist band but rather attaches with three functioning snaps. The pouch can be easily unsnapped from the front waistband and removed. Perhaps that was the plan, guys during an encounter with a partner would simply unsnap the pouch (or have the partner unsnap it), revealing all.


Sensuality-wise, this idea might have worked better if the snaps had actually opened to a functional pouch, in which a guy could insert a small, hard athletic supporter cup. As it is, the snaps do not really have a function other than to remove the entire pouch.

Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆

The strap design, which is actually a cord on this thong, is good, and the pouch size and shape is good, but somehow I did not get off in this one overnight. Indeed, I slept soundly, even though I kept thinking about how much more fun this could be if the pouch provided functional space for a hard jock cup.

Daily Wear Rating  

Somehow I don’t see this design working for daily wear either. At the gym, the design looks too similar to an ordinary athletic supporter, but the pouch and cord are both too snug to be comfortably worn as daily underwear. While the snaps are novel, once that novelty wears off there is not much here that is either practical or sensual.

Overall rating ☆☆

To order the Gregg HommeFahrenheit Snap Pouch Thong from, go to THIS LINK




Papi Cotton Stretch Thong(cotton/Lycra)


The Papi thong has a black elastic waistband and a pouch constructed of a material containing 95 percent cotton and 5 % Lycra. It is sewn in Thailand, though I am not certain as if the design is intended to have a particular appeal to Asians The cotton is of high quality, but heavier than some of the pouches of lightweight thongs tested here. A heavier material can reduce sensitivity and feel in touching.  I would give the Papi thong only an average grade in sensitivity


Unlike most of the other thongs tested here, the Papi thong has a narrow V-shaped rather than U-shaped pouch, the design used on most of the other things tested here. The V narrows and eventually simply becomes the back of the thong. There is no real separation of thing pouch and cord or strap, as there is in most of the other pouch designs. The back of the thong broadens again in the rear, providing quite a bit of back coverage. Indeed, if a guy is worries about how he might look without any real coverage in the rear, this design solves that dilemma, in that despite being a thong, the butt is quite well covered.


The problem with this pouch design is that for me at least, it did not fit my anatomy very well. The pouch tapers so severely that is I was not really careful in putting it on, parts of my anatomy kept falling out of the pouch. This is not comfortable at all, and for me far less successful for recreational wear than most of the thongs with the U-shaped pouches and separate sewn-on straps. Long and narrow, the pouch seemed almost like a soft cotton version of a banana cup, given how it fits.


A good recreational thong tends to push upward on a guy’s perineum area, just behind the scrotum, and the combination of a snug-fitting strap and a confining pouch will tend to puch a guy’s anatomy upward and forward. The Papi pouch provides a bit of contour for the male body parts, but for the most part presses the guy in the opposite direction, which is back and downward. Because of the way this thong is constructed at the point where pouch meets the rear, this design tends to minimize the size and appearance of a guy’s anatomy, rather than enhance it and make it look larger.

Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆

This thong is quite skimpy, and the front pouch even at the top is quite narrow. Other than that, it mostly just feels like another pair of men’s underwear, albeit a very small pair. I pulled on this thong and quickly fell asleep. I did sleep comfortably all night long, with no 3 AM (or 5 AM) erections. My body told me loud and clear that this was not a very exciting thong for recreational wear. I tried this thong a second night as well. Same result, exactly. In short, this thong may look skimpy but id did not hit me in the right places.

Daily Wear Rating   ☆☆

Compared with the Calvin Klein thong, this thong is quite small. So if a guy feels that a thong must be fairly large for daily wear, this thing will be too small and attract potentially more attention than a guy might want in the gym locker room or pool changing room. On the other hand, this design provides more butt coverage than many of the designs where the strap slips between the buttocks. The guy’s butt is actually covered by what amounts to a narrow band of cotton/Lycra fabric that rides above, not between the buttocks. And a guy wearing this thong won’t likely find himself needing to get off during the day, since the feel is largely like ordinary underwear.

Overall rating ☆☆

To order the Papi Cotton/Lycra StretchThong from, go to THIS LINK



2(x)ist-Essentials-Y-Back-Thong (100% cotton)


As an underwear manufacturer, 2(x)ist has been around a long time, and they market underwear for guys in a whole host of different styles to guys. They have and continue to always emphasize comfort and high quality in their designs, no matter what the style. The designs generally have always been a bit more forward or leading edge than those that, say, Calvin Klein markets. Their target customer is the guy who knows that there are real differences between the packaged underwear from discount stores and a top quality product.  They do have a major business catering to the daily wear market in a variety of styles, but especially their briefs.


They have also made thong underwear as a part of their product line. I happen to also have a 2(x)ist thong that must be at least ten years old, and it was interesting to compare that design with their current product. In terms of size and design, the two thongs are nearly identical. Both thongs feature their trademark “Y” back, in which the thong strap is connected to the waistband on the back in two places and forms a wide Y-shape. After that the single strap down from the top part of the Y continues to the pouch. The strap is narrow enough to cut between the buttocks, although slightly wider than some of the true cord designs. I would call it a true strap rather than a cord. The design of the 10+ year-old thong and the new one is all but identical, as is the sizing and fit.


This is the only thong that I reviewed here that was 100% cotton. To me the big improvement in the current design over the earlier one is that the pouch material appears to me to be made of much finer, higher-grade cotton in the new one. In comparison, the old pouch seems coarse textured, rather heavy and not as sensual. The elastic waist band too is much improved with the current waistband, now black rather than white with the a subdued 2(x)ist logo  having a very smooth slick touch. This thong is sewn in Thailand.


Getting myself into this thong proves to be just a bit of a struggle, but I do not fault it for that, and a snug fit is part of the experience. Once in, I was very comfortable indeed. The Y-shaped back gives a guy an interesting appearance from the back, almost like leg straps from a jock strap yet riding very high up. The back covers nothing, and the strap coming off the center of the Y quickly disappears between the buttocks. The snug but very comfortable U-shaped pouch fits a guy’s anatomy very well indeed. You can really sense when a manufacturer has really done its design homework in this regard in terms of getting the pouch just right. Once in, you are not in any danger of falling out—that is, everything is both snug and secure.

Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆☆

In my mind at least, 2(x)ist has always been a somewhat more leading-edge manufacturer of underwear than most, yet is still sold by many department stores. While they cater to guys who want something a bit more exotic and leading edge in design, but at the same time very much of a manufacturer of underwear destined primarily for daily wear. So the question was how would the current 2(x)ist design function as a thong for recreational wear. I ran the same experiment on two different nights, and interestingly, got almost exactly the same result on both nights. By now you probably realize that I frequently wear thongs of all kinds as well as other underwear designs, athletic supporters and swim briefs, and I do not necessarily get off every night, it instead depends on the situation I find myself in on any particular night develops each night and part of what makes this an interesting adventure each night is that I never know for sure what might happen or not until after I crawl into bed.


With a bit of a struggle I got myself into the thong as 2(x)ist likely intended that it would be worn, and I crawled into bed. I was comfortable but not as aroused as I had been testing out some of the other designs. The thong strap was cinched up tightly between my buttocks, but I pretty quickly fell asleep without getting off. Around 4:30 or 5 AM I woke up again, and I discovered that I had quite an erection on, and everything I touched down there suddenly felt really good. You perhaps know how pleasant it can be when you are just aroused enough so that everything you touch feels just great. That is the way this was for me. It was not long after that before I got off. As I say, this same experience, nearly identical, happened on two different nights, several days apart. What was it about the thong design. I think it was the combination of the really snug, very light, very high quality and slick cotton pouch along with that Y back strap that got too me. Why the reaction was delayed until early morning, I am a bit stumped, except to say that the sensual elements of the design here seem to take awhile to sink in. How this thong hit me in a delayed fashion remains a bit of a scientific mystery. 


Daily Wear Rating   ☆☆☆☆

The interesting part about this thong design is that unlike most of the other thongs below that appear to be excellent choices for recreational wear, I can actually envision a guy wearing the 2(x)ist thong as daily underwear. The fact that most guys should be able to get into this without getting too turned on as well as have a significant degree of self-control once in could prove to be a plus for daily wear. Further, the subdued black (or white) color should not attract too much unnecessary  attention at the gym. My black thong from the front looks a lot like a fairly ordinary athletic supporter. The Y-back too looks a lot like the straps of an athletic supporter except that they ride considerably higher up. Guys just for fun sometimes force the leg straps of conventional athletic supporters to ride high like this. If short, not very many people are going to notice that this thing is anything other than a conventional black athletic supporter. This is a perfect thong for a progressive guy who would like to attract a little attention, but not too much attention, for his underwear choice.


So, is this the thong then that resolves the issue of whether a design can combine elements that work as daily underwear with elements that make the thong an enjoyable thong for night time recreational wear?  I don’t know for certain, but I have to give 2(x)ist some real credit for a design that at some level works in both situations. The 2(x)ist designers have spent a lot of time and energy getting this right, and this shows in the quality of the product. It is really great when a manufacturer devotes the energy necessary to get a product like this right.

Overall rating ☆☆☆


To order the 2(x)ist Essentials Y-Back 100% Cotton Thong from, go to THIS LINK



Clever Cotton Thong-(cotton/Lycra)


All of the thongs I reviewed were sized small, but the Clever thong was clearly the smallest of those I reviewed. It is an interesting design from a number of different perspectives, not the least of which is the thong material, which is a soft but very lightweight cotton containing a high percentage of Lycra (9%). The thong is made in Columbia, and I can easily imagine a Latino guy wearing one, I can imagine well-built, sensual  guys all over South America going for this design.


The pouch is small but U-shaped. Many guys will likely struggle a bit to get everything into such a confining pouch, but the pouch fits so securely, almost like a second skin, I do not think that most guys will accidentally fall out of the pouch. Besides, getting into something this confining in and of itself is certainly part of the fun. If you like to touch yourself at night, the skin-tight pouch feels really good, as if the thong is nearly part of you, dare I say almost like a second skin.


Ordinarily I would be somewhat critical of a thong with a back that is both fairly wide, in this case made from the same material but sewn to the pouch rather than just a continuation of the pouch, but in this particular design, the thong is cut really low both front and back. The combination of very low rise front and back and skimpy cut makes this a very sensual cut. Don’t expect this thong to fully cover your back side. Further the rear of the thong does not stretch as much as a cord would. So instead of riding over your buttocks, the rear of the thong folds and rides between your buttocks, much like the cord designs will. If you try to pull the rear waistband up in an effort to cover your butt a little better ;-) the rear of the thong simply pulls tighter between your buttocks and the thong snugs up on you. Assuming you are already a little aroused, this effort only makes matters worse, or some might argue, better. Some guys might call this entirely uncomfortable. Others would say that this is terrific fun!


In short, the Clever thong is a great recreational choice, even though I can’t see any guy trying to wear this as a daily wear thong. A whole series of elements that make recreational thong wear are combined in this thong. These include the thin but soft material in the pouch, the shape of the pouch, and how the thong confines a guy’s body. I can see why some guys might find the entire design over the top and even claim that it is uncomfortable worn as underwear. But for me, this thong is an excellent introduction to what makes recreational and nightly thong wear such a great male activity. 

Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆☆☆

In getting into this thong, I found myself quite aroused almost in an instant. Once you are in, this is really pleasant and my body was sending up familiar signals to tell me how happy it was confined in this place.  Once I was in, I ended up getting off in less than thirty minutes, enjoying myself and the ‘predicament’ that I had gotten myself into all the way. I was a bit concerned that since I got off so quickly, perhaps I was somehow particularly charged up that night and this was affecting the science I was attempting to do. So I tried the same thong for a second night, after some of my other tests. The same thing happened on almost exactly the same time schedule. Afterwards I pulled the thong back on, and slept in it through the night. Early in the morning, I was more than ready to get off again.

Daily Wear Rating   ☆☆

i cannot really see using this thong in daily wear. Or, let me put it another way. Any guy who would choose this thong for daily wear would have to have a lot more self control than clearly I do. I do not think I could make it through a day at work without getting off at least once and maybe two or three times during the day, if I were wearing this thong as daily underwear. A few guys might thin they have enough self control over their bodies to try this thong as daily wear, without taking breaks to get off. But, from my perspective, it would be tough.  I would welcome comments from anyone who wants to try this thong as daily wear as a particular challenge, and how day wearing went. I think a guy would have to be nearly brain-dead to not get aroused in this thong, and I am curious as to whether there are guys out there who believe that they either have that much self-control (or perhaps indeed are brain dead)


This is certainly a “Clever’ design and one that will certainly introduce a newcomer to what recreational thong wear is all about. Perhaps not every guy will have quite the fun, but I certainly did!

Overall rating ☆☆☆☆

To order the  Clever Cotton Thong from, go to THIS LINK


Unico Brazilian T-Thong (cotton/Lycra)

There are many similarities between The Unico Brazilian T-Thong and the Clever thong, above, but also some key design differences. First, despite the name, Brazilian T-thong, this thong is actually sewn in Columbia not Brazil. Not surprisingly, there are many of the same, what I would call Latino design elements to this thong as well. The design would perhaps be considered edgy for many American males used to wearing larger underwear, but of course, for me, that is part of what makes this particular thong very interesting.


The pouch on this thong is also U-shaped, not V-shaped, and overall it contains and supports a guy very well. To me the pouch seemed just a bit more generous in size than the Clever pouch, if cut just a bit narrower near the top of the pouch.


The two thongs differ in pouch material as well. In the cast of the Unico thong, the fabric is quite a bit heavier. It is also a cotton/Lycra blend, but a smaller percentage of Lycra than that used in the Clever thong, so it doesn’t feel quite as stretchy. Nor does the thicker cloth feel quite as sensual as in the Clever thong when you touch yourself. But overall, the pouch is well designed and contains a guy very well with a really nice snug fit. Unico really knows how to construct a pouch that fits a guy very well, without any excess fabric at all. In the mirror, this is a very good looking thong!


However, the biggest difference in the two thongs is in the back. First, the Unico thong rides just a little higher in the back than the Clever thong. Unlike the Clever Thong, the Unico thong has a rather wide triangular cloth back (with a large “Unico” logo) that is sewn to a short elastic cord, which in turn is sewn to the pouch. So in the rear, the guy is well covered with cloth for a couple inches below the waistband, but then the cord abruptly starts. Of course, when the guy puts on the thong and gets the pouch properly positioned, the elastic thong cord completely disappears between the guy’s buttocks. This back design is quite sensual, I would rate higher on that scale than the Clever thong, despite the fact that overall the fit of the thong is just a tad less snug. All in all this is an excellent design for a recreational thong, and the designers at Unico really understand how to design a thong that works exactly with a guy’s anatomy for maximum impact. Unico has done its homework in this department. Clearly the guys in the design department at Unico are taking home their work for further evaluation overnight. That is the only way they could have gotten the fit and feel the way they did.

 Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆☆☆

Trying to choose between the Unico and the in many ways similar Clever thong design was an interesting puzzle to pursue. I really liked the thin, very sensual fabric of the Clever pouch, but I lied how the back and cord of the Unico thong fit, felt and looked in the mirror even better. Once in position that Unico cord felt really good, and further, the Unico thong gave me a great upward and outward jolt in my favorite perineum area. In short, this is a really good recreational thong design.


Did I get off wearing this thong? Yes, of course. I was up and away in no more than 15 or 20 minutes. Once again, this is one of those situations whereby I think that a guy would have to be largely brain dead to not get off, and probably pretty quickly too. What does it for me is a combination of a snug, but containing pouch, a cord that provides some really neat sensations as it cuts deep between the buttocks, and a cool cord to pouch attachment that presses hard in just the right places in the perineum area. A guy will soon discover that this pressure is, well, quite interesting to say the least.   If a guy could get his head at all around the whole idea of trying this, I can almost guarantee that this particular thong will indeed be a lot of fun. This is really a ‘classic’ design for recreational wear.

Daily Wear Rating   ☆☆☆

I suppose we could debate whether this thong was every really intended for daytime wear as an alternative to larger, less confining underwear styles. At some level I think of this thong being ever so slightly better suited for daily wear than the Clever thong. But once again any guy who would try this would have to have a good deal more self control than I have or he would end up having to take frequent “rest” breaks at work. This thong would certainly attract a lot of attention in the locker room at a gym. How a partner would react perhaps would depend on the sex of the partner, but more about this later.

Overall rating ☆☆☆☆

To order the Unico Brazilian T Thong from, go to THIS LINK



Macho Sensual Thong (cotton/Lycra)


Just as is the case for a leading consumer testing magazine, our research needed to identify the best thong of all those reviewed for night time recreational nighttime wear. Without a doubt, the best recreational thong of those we reviewed is the Macho Sensual thong.  Macho lists their web location as .es, which is Spain. Smart designers, those Spaniards! The thong is actually sewn in Columbia, according to the label. But this is a European design thong and the company no doubt focuses on the European as opposed to the American market.


This thong in all sorts of ways is uniquely suited for recreational wear. It hit all my buttons. Moments after first trying this one on, my body told me that they had indeed designed a winner. Guys, this design certainly represents what recreational thong wear is really all about at its very best.


What are the particular design elements that work so well in combination as a nearly ideal recreational thong design?


Let us start with the pouch. Three words: snug, U-shaped and very confining. You may have a little difficulty getting yourself in, but once in, you will find that you are quickly feeling good, even very good. The cotton/Lycra material, is soft, stretchy and very confining.


Then there is the strap, which is really short, cinches up really tight, and feels absolutely wonderful once in place. And it’s just the right width for recreational wear. That is, you are always aware of its presence, cutting sharply between the buttocks, not over them.


The combination of the soft but confining pouch and short strap means that this thong rides really low both in front, but in particular in the rear. This thong rides particularly low in the rear, revealing a lot of butt crack, similar to a Japanese Speedo®.


Another key design element is how the thong is designed to put strong pressure on the perineum, which in turn forces the guys anatomy front and forward, this while the strap is tightening. A knot of stitching right where strap is attached to the pouch only adds to the fun, giving a guy an extra kick in the perineum every time he moves.


For recreational wear, the combination of design elements in this thong are together nearly ideal, and each of the elements  plays off the others. Confined in a snug pouch, the guy might first try to adjust the pouch and equipment a little. This tends to make the strap fit even tighter. As a “reward” for attempting to adjust his equipment, the guy is probably pretty quickly going to begin to get a stronger erection, which tends to put even more tension on the pouch. The tension on the pouch tends to provide more tension and friction on the area of the perineum, and that tension is starts to feel quite good as well. Then the guy looks at himself in the mirror, noting how low the back of the thong is riding very low. He may try to deal with this by pulling up on the rear waistband, but this only makes matters worse (or perhaps better, depending on your mindset).. Tugging at the rear waistband tightens the strap some more between the buttocks and tends to cinch up the thong at the perineum, not to mention making the pouch feel still tighter. Soon, perhaps very soon, the guy is left with little in the way of options other than to get off.


Sensuality (Recreational Wear) Rating ☆☆☆☆☆


I knew this thong was a winner when within five minutes of first pulling it on, I was ready for action. After that, I had to get a hold of myself enough and regain my composure to do the nightly tests. So I pulled on the Macho thong and crawled into bed. Within 20 minutes I had had enough, and I got off. I then fell asleep. I woke up at 4:30 AM, still wearing the thong and discovered that I was ready to go again, and I quickly got off again.


I tried this for another night. Same result. Exactly. I ended up once again. Same result. Almost exactly in terms of timing. I got off 20 minutes after crawling in the thong, and again at about 5 AM. Were I only a little younger, I probably would have ended up getting off 3 or even 4 times during the night.


This product is almost dangerous. It needs warning labels analogous to those found on the male enhancement pills . Perhaps a warning label is needed suggesting that before wearing it you check with your doctor first to make certain that physically you are up to wearing this thong. Any guy who can’t or doesn’t get off within a few minutes after putting this thong on for the first time probably has little if any life still in his body. This thong pretty much pushes all the sensual buttons you thought that you had, plus it may uncover a few that you might not have even been aware existed.


So if a guy would like to simply kick back and enjoy himself, this is a great choice as a top-notch recreational thong. It feels and looks great, and you can hardly help but enjoy yourself.  The overall experience is intense. This might not be the recreational thong of choice for the first-time thong wearer. Did I mention that the entire experience is intense? But it is fascinating to find a product that hits all the correct buttons. The people who put this one together understand male anatomy and exactly how to push all the buttons that really matter to a guy.

Daily Wear Rating  

OK so you probably are not going to be wearing this thong to work any time soon, unless your job is really private and boring. I wonder if the guys in Spain can handle this one at work. So What!


Overall rating ☆☆☆☆☆

To order the Macho-Sensual-Thong from, go to THIS LINK




As you can tell from reading this essay, as if you did not already know by now, I am highly enthusiastic about the idea of recreational (nightly) thong wear. As I have pointed out in all sorts of different ways other essays on the subject already, this can be a great way for guys to discover themselves (and their bodies). I realize that at least a few of my readers may be more than a little apprehensive if not uneasy about what they have just read here. On the other hand, if the reader has hung with me and made it to this point in this essay, at least to a certain degree must have a degree of curiosity about recreational thong wear, even if not having yet been one over as an advocate and practitioner.


It has been particularly fun for me to do these reviews of the various brands and styles by wearing each thong overnight. As I did the analysis, I would periodically want to try wearing the same thong for a second night, just to double check the accuracy of my findings ;-). Fortunately, my body was remarkably consistent in these extra tests in telling me what exactly it both liked and did not like.  So this becomes perfectly safe, enjoyable fun, for me each night a new adventure to uncover exactly how will react to each new situation (thong) I try. So, my advice for guys who have gotten this far in the essay is to get over whatever remaining embarrassment or apprehension you might have, and just try ordering a thong (or two, or three) from

and start to fully enjoy your nights too. You will be a healthier guy for it, and in the process, if you are like me, you will learn a lot about how your body responds (or not) to new sensations.


The question I sometimes get asked is how this all might or might not relate or not to partner relationships and sex. In particular, a guy home alone at night and in private might try some things under the cover of darkness that he might not dare if a partner (either sex) is present. First, all that I describe in my comments above can be and is a lot of fun. It could be that a guy would get so enamored with the nuances of the night-time solo sex that he loses interest entirely in social relationships that might eventually lead to sex with a partner. While dropping out of social relationships in order to go home to engage in night-time recreational thong wear might not be a wise choice for every guy, certainly this may work for guys who for whatever reason do not have a partner.


But I think the more interesting question is the one of how a partner might react to learning for the first time that a guy can get sexually aroused simply by pulling on the right (or perhaps wrong) thong. In general, I think that gay guys will tend to be less surprised and perhaps less judgmental about the whole idea of another guy engaging in this simply for self-gratification. In this setting a guy might even become interested in introducing his partner to the activity. I have often thought about the idea that this joint recreational thing wear could be a perfectly safe form of male bonding with no real down side to it. For the most part, I think that in this situation, a partner new to this would at least be accepting if not anxious to become a willing and enthusiastic participant in the activity.


Straight relationships present more complicated issues. As I have suggested in other essays, many women grow up to believe that they should be the center of their male partner’s sexual desires. In some ways, this belief is good, but sometimes it really complicates things for a guy. Most guys like to spend their early post-pubescent lives uncovering new ways for getting off in private. Nearly all us did that and we might as well admit that up front. Old habits, particularly old habits that are a great deal of fun and have no down side other than embarrassment if one is caught are all but impossible to break. But then when the guy starts to have relationships with females, he doesn’t suddenly decide that all the solo sex is suddenly still not fun. Meanwhile, (if I have female readers that have somehow made it to this point in the essay) the woman suddenly learns some things about her guy that her mother never taught her—her mom never told her that there are instances whereby a guy might like to simply get off on his own and that he doesn’t always need her to be there in order to be sexually aroused. For many young women, learning this is the shock of their lives, and many young women are never quite able to get their heads around the notion that men sometimes like to behave in ways their mother never told them. My only comment on introducing recreational thong wear into a male-female partner relationship is for the guy to proceed slowly. The whole notion that a guy would do something like this to get off is a more than a lot of women might be able to appreciate and understand. Further, I don’t want to be blamed for creating problems in male-female relationships by putting ideas into a guy’s head that he would not have otherwise thought of.  


I often think about the problems and issues guys for whatever reason face because they are completely outside of a relationship and living alone. If you have read my other writings, you no doubt already know that I have become an advocate for guys who live alone. A lot of these guys tend to feel down about and somewhat sorry for themselves, particularly in the sexual pleasure department. But for the guys who can manage to somehow not only quit feeling sorry for themselves and the situation that they are in, as well as get their heads around the notion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in night-time recreation, even when sleeping alone, what I have just said may prove valuable. Enjoy!


David Sebringsil




(100% cotton)


 (100% cotton)